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National Insurance Scheme for Bushwalking Clubs

Bushwalking Victoria participates in the National Insurance Scheme negotiated and executed by Bushwalking Australia which arranges insurance cover for affiliated clubs and their members.

For the latest information on insurance arrangements, including policy documents, FAQs, claims processes and contact details for the insurance broker, please visit the Bushwalking Australia Insurance and Risk page.

Policies that are available include Public Liability, Associations Liability, and Personal Accident Insurance.

Leisure travel insurance cover for use by club members when participating in club organised domestic and overseas trips is also available through the insurance broker (Marsh) as a separate service.

Not all clubs participate in the Personal Accident insurance scheme arranged through Bushwalking Australia.

For those Clubs that are covered, it is up to the individual member to lodge a claim directly by downloading and submitting the Personal Injury Claims Form.  Clubs are required to sign off the claim form on behalf of their members.

Important Note: Some member clubs have elected on behalf of their members to not participate in the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for 2022/23. These clubs are:

  • Waverley Bushwalking Club Inc
  • Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club Inc
  • Bendigo Bushwalking and Outdoor club Inc

For Personal Accident Claims and Enquiries:

Accident and Health International (AHI) is the Underwriter for the Bushwalking Australia Personal Accident policy. Inquiries concerning this policy should be directed to AHI on 02 9251 8700 quoting Policy Number 0012117.

Claims should be submitted as soon as possible following an incident, by completing the Personal Injury Claim Form and submitting it to the insurer, Accident and Health International (details are on the claim form). In the case of major claims (i.e. serious injury or death) please also email the Bushwalking Australia Insurance Contract Manager

For Public Liability and Association Liability Claims and Inquiries:

All inquiries and any potential claims under these policies should be directed to the Bushwalking Australia Insurance Contract Manager or the BWV Secretary.

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Reinstatement of the Mitta Mitta River Walk

For many years, walkers on the Mitta Mitta section of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) have been redirected onto a road to avoid an area heavily infested with English Broom. Parks Victoria agreed that reopening that 7km of track would significantly enhance the AAWT experience, allowing spectacular views of the Mitta Mitta River. Twenty Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation (BTAC) volunteers contributed 500 man hours to achieve the track reinstatement. Many of the volunteers were AAWT end-to-end walkers who wished to give something back to the track and the environment.

BTAC, one of the two operational arms of Bushwalking Victoria, has a pool of volunteers who carry out track maintenance and conservation projects in association with Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Their general philosophy is to offer support in the more remote areas of Victoria, where the local volunteer pool is often limited (or in some cases, non-existent).

You can see further photos and read BTAC project manager Joe van Beek’s full report of the volunteers’ brilliant efforts HERE, along with his suggestions to avoid further spread of English Broom.