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BSAR Volunteers

Bush Search and Rescue Victoria

Bushwalking Victoria maintains a volunteer search and rescue group, Bush Search and Rescue (BSAR). This community service has been provided since 1949.

BSAR has over 250 members; all experienced and skilled bushwalkers, with additional training in search and rescue. Amongst BSAR members there are skiing, rogaining, climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts.

BSAR regularly assists Victoria Police with searches for lost people in bushland areas and the snow fields of Victoria, by providing small, self-sufficient search groups capable of sustained searching in steep, rough and scrubby terrain in any weather conditions.

Search call outs are initiated by the Police Search and Rescue Squad. Call outs are invariably at short notice and can occur during the night. Typically about 20 BSAR members respond. They commit for two days and come equipped to camp out if necessary. If the search is not resolved, further call outs can occur on the following days.

BSAR members assemble at designated metropolitan locations and are transported to the search area by Police bus. Regional members are picked up enroute.

New members are always welcome, and essential to continue our service to the community.  To apply, you need to be a fit, active, experienced bushwalker with good bush navigation skills, and an individual member of Bushwalking Victoria or a member of one of its Clubs.  Members use their own bushwalking gear. Some specialist equipment and hi-vis clothing is issued.

The annual training weekend is essential for new members. It focuses on search and rescue skills and techniques, but also provides an excellent opportunity to meet other BSAR members. Training in first aid and navigation is also run from time to time. There is additional training for members with particular roles such as search coordination, peer support and searching in steep snow and ice terrain.

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