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Springtime Splendours – 9 reasons to visit the Victorian Alps in Spring

Spring is a magical time for bushwalking in Victoria’s Alpine areas. As the snow retreats and the wilderness awakens, the high country bursts into life with a vibrant display of colors and biodiversity. Whether you’re a seasoned bushwalker or a novice looking for adventure, spring in the Victorian Alps offers a raft of reasons to lace up your boots and hit the trails. Here’s 9 reasons to put the Victorian Alps on your calendar this Spring.

Wildflower Wonderland:

Blanketing the alpine meadows, you’ll discover a tapestry of blooms, from the vivid alpine daisies to the gnarled Snow Gums. Head to locations like the Mt Baw Baw or Mount Stirling for a firsthand encounter with this colorful spectacle.

Wildflowers Baw Baw National Park

Mild Climate:

Spring’s mild weather offers the perfect bushwalking conditions. With temperatures rising but still comfortable, Spring is a great time to tackle challenging hikes. Try the Big Walk at Mt Buffalo, pick a section of the Australian Alpine Walking Track (AAWT), like the stunning section from The Bluff to Mt Cobbler, or, if you are keen to venture further afar, Lake Tali Karng.  But make sure you always check the snow cover and weather forecast, this is Victoria after all, and a spring or summer snow dump is always a possibility.

Mount Buffalo National Park

Waterfall Chasing:

The thawing snow and spring rains transform waterfalls into gushing torrents of beauty. Explore destinations like Rollasons, Ladies Bath and Eurobin Falls at Mount Buffalo, Fainter Falls, a short walk near Bogong VIllage, or if you are looking for a bigger challenge, try Victoria’s longest waterfall, Dandongadale Falls, with a drop of 255m, on the Cobbler Plateau.

Mount Buffalo National Park waterfalls

Birdwatcher’s Paradise:

Spring marks the return of numerous bird species to the Victorian Alps for nesting. For birdwatching enthusiasts, it’s a prime opportunity to spot species like the Gang-gang Cockatoo, Flame Robin, and the Australian Pipit.   

Alpine Vistas:

Spring offers the unique experience of hiking amidst snow-capped peaks while witnessing the emergence of lush alpine meadows. The Razorback Ridge, looking out over Mt Feathertop, Mount Buffalo, and Falls Creek are iconic locations that provide breathtaking panoramas and unforgettable bushwalking opportunities, with both shorter and longer options.

Razorback Walk – Alpine National Park

Tranquil Trails:

Unlike the busier summer months, spring brings fewer crowds to the trails. Enjoy the serenity and solitude as you traverse trails like the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (again, always check conditions!), the Buller Huts Trail. For comprehensive planning, consult the Bushwalking Victoria Bushwalking Manual.

Photographic Adventures:

Capture the ever-changing spring landscapes and the vibrant flora and fauna through your lens. The Victorian Alps offer a treasure trove of photographic subjects. Don’t forget to explore locations like Mushroom Rocks and Mt St Gwinear in the Baw Baw region, Mount Stirling for amazing snowgums, layered sunsets, and cattlemen’s huts, and Mt Buffalo for every kind of photographic opportunity you can imagine.  Don’t forget towns like Bright and Harrietville that fill with spring blossoms at the same time each year.

Mushroom Rocks – Baw Baw National Park

Adventure at Ski Resorts:

Ski resorts transform into adventure hubs during spring, offering activities like mountain biking and both short and long walks.  Basing yourself in a ski resort offers the epic mountain and skies, coupled with fun walks that feel remote, with the relative safety of people close by, and a hot shower and delicious meal at the end of the day.   Head to Falls Creek, Mount Buller, or Dinner Plain for a unique blend of alpine adventures, delicious food and bushwalking explorations.

Spring Festivals and Local Culture:

Immerse yourself in the local culture and celebrate spring at events like the Mansfield High Country Festival and the Bright Community Picnic. Want to challenge yourself on 4 iconic hikes into the mountains near Bright?  Check out the 4 Peaks Bright Alpine Climb, held on Melbourne Cup weekend each year. Combine these festivities with bushwalking excursions for a well-rounded alpine experience.

Spring in Victoria’s Alpine areas invites bushwalkers to embrace nature’s rebirth and explore the diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife of this pristine region. So, pack your gear, consult the Bushwalking VIctoria Bushwalking Manual for invaluable guidance, and embark on an unforgettable bushwalking adventure this spring. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the transformation of the alpine wilderness at its finest.

All Images:  Richelle Olsen/Escaping Your Comfort Zone