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Join the Great Aussie Hike!

If you enjoy a community walking challenge, why not join The Great Aussie Hike on the Mornington Peninsula on 24-25 March 2023.

The Great Aussie Hike embraces the great Aussie spirit of mates looking after each other. They promote walking in nature with friends as a way to strengthen mental health. Their program provides a guide for mates to build up walking endurance with a training program for every starting level. Additional elements such as strengthening exercises, talking topics, increased hydration and mindset activities all contribute to the development of new habits leading to long term mental health benefits.Teams choose from 30km, 43km, 57km or 100km courses, with share-the-distance options available. The focus is heavily on supporting each other and working as a team to get to the finish line, while having the logistical support of an event to ensure safety, amenities and fun is top priority.

The walk will wind its way around the hidden treasures of the Mornington Peninsula in a custom designed course. The diversity over the 100km makes this an incredible experience for all involved.

The Great Aussie Hike is a perfect way for those who already love walking to step up as a team captain and help their mates to develop an active lifestyle that will improve their mental wellbeing. Alternatively you can join the fun by volunteering and helping to support these amazing walkers on course and also raise vital funds for Lifeline Australia.

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