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Did you know you can become a Bushwalking Victoria Individual Member for just $20 a year?


Did you know you can become a Bushwalking Victoria Individual Member for just $20 a year? 

Through individual membership you can have a direct impact on safe and responsible recreational bushwalking, volunteer search and rescue efforts, and the conservation of our amazing bushwalking tracks across Victoria.

Why Support Bushwalking Victoria?

  • Promoting Safe Bushwalking: We advocate for safe and responsible outdoor activities, ensuring the well-being of individuals and the community.
  • Volunteer Bush Search and Rescue: For over seven decades, BSAR’s community of 250+ experienced bushwalkers has been a reliable support system for those lost in Victoria’s bush and snow fields. Your membership helps us to respond promptly to calls from Victoria Police, providing necessary training, equipment, and resources. Your support maintains a crucial lifeline for land-based searches in Victoria, providing aid to those in distress.
  • Volunteer Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation: Your support helps safeguard the integrity and accessibility of walking tracks, enriching the recreational bushwalking experience for all.  From clearing fallen trees to identifying noxious weeds, our volunteers work diligently to maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Your support directly contributes to executing vital projects and ensuring a sustainable future for our natural spaces.

Benefits to You:

  • Becoming an Individual member of Bushwalking Victoria gives you eligibility to apply to volunteer with Bushwalking Tracks & Conservation (BTAC) and Bush Search & Rescue (BSAR), and participate in other selected Bushwalking Victoria member activities and training.
  • As a member you will also get great discounts from our extensive list of Outdoor Retailers, including Bogong Equipment, Ajays, Paddy Pallin, Discovery Parks, EMC, Fjallraven, Woodslane, Smitten and Maps, Books and Travel Guides.

Prefer to support Bushwalking Victoria in other ways?

Spread the Word: Share our mission with fellow bushwalking lovers to amplify our impact.  You can find us on Facebook:  

Join Us as a volunteer: Become an active member with BSAR, BTAC, or become a Bushwalking Victoria Board member or supporter, participating in initiatives that promote responsible bushwalking and environmental conservation.

Become a member of an affiliated Bushwalking Club:  Browse our directory to find a club in your local area that offers the activities that meet your interests then click the link to their website for more information. There are clubs of all sizes with many offering walks across Victoria, interstate and even overseas. Most clubs welcome people new to bushwalking and you are certain to find experienced members willing to pass on their knowledge to beginners. Some of our clubs conduct training specifically for people new to bushwalking.  Club membership is not expensive with most annual membership fees ranging from $35-$60.

Your Support Matters

Supporting Bushwalking Victoria is a commitment to elevating nature, ensuring safety, and enhancing recreational experiences. Join us in preserving the beauty of our natural landscapes and fostering a culture of responsible outdoor exploration. Let’s make a meaningful impact on the community and the environment together.

Become an Individual Member