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BTAC Clear a Further Section of the AAWT

The track from Omeo Highway to Gill Creek forms a 4.5 km section of the AAWT almost half-way along its length.  A BTAC crew had cleared the first 2.2 km section four years previously.  The remaining section was heavily overgrown and had many fallen logs across it.  Parks Victoria had identified it as a track much in need of clearing.

After a reconnaissance of the track six weeks previously, a team of 12 volunteers (including four who were new to BTAC) met up on Friday afternoon to camp at Big River Bridge Campground.  On Saturday morning, we met the two rangers, walked the 2.2 km to the start of our work and began.  There was plenty of work for our three chainsaws, two brush cutters and two hedge-trimmers.  By the end of the first day, we had well passed the half-way point of our intended clearing and walked some 3.5 km back to the cars parked at Omeo Highway.  Once back at our campsite, the rangers kindly cooked a barbecue dinner for us all on the fire.

On Sunday, after a 7:45am start, we were able to complete the clearing of the track down to Gill Creek, followed by the uphill walk back, carrying the tools and fuel bottles.

We are grateful for the efforts of the volunteers giving up their time and for their hard work, and to Parks for their support for the team and for generously providing dinner on Saturday night after a day’s work.

John Green  – BTAC Project Manager