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Are we there yet?

Twenty one BTAC volunteers worked with Parks Victoria to clear 7.6 km* of scrub overgrowth and fallen timber on the AAWT between Mt McDonald and Square Top on the weekend of 23-25th Feb.

This is an impressive section of the AAWT along the Great Dividing Range, with steep mountains and spectacular views, following the divide between the Jamison/Howqua watershed that flows north to the Murray and the Barkly/Macallister watershed that flows south to the Gippsland Lakes.

On Friday 21 volunteers car pooled at Howqua Hills with those that had capable 4WDs to travel into camp at the Upper Jamison Hut. Each day to start work, we drove up the Knobs Track which is a moderately challenging 4WD climb. The second challenge was the distance that work tools needed to be carried in, as well as the climbs and descents, not to mention occasional rock bands to negotiate.

Though Saturday was a long and exhausting day (12 hours) there was a good sense of achievement among the volunteers. On getting back late in the day, it was great to have Tegan from Parks Victoria supporting us with the preparation and cooking of a delicious BBQ dinner.

Thanks to all the volunteers that put in so much effort; 360 work hours and spent over 175 hours travelling to and from the activity. Thanks to Parks Victoria. There was good synergy working with the Rangers, Jim Craven and Tegan Sharwood, on the planning, logistics and support. Thanks to Joe van Beek and Owen Morris for leading work teams.


*Knobs Track to Square Top –  6.4 kms 590m ascent, 350m descent. Knobs Track to Mt McDonald ridge line – 1.2 km, 150m ascent

More photos can be found HERE.

Compiled by Patrick Platt, Project Leader for BTAC