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Deer Control Programs

Parks Victoria is responsible for conservation management to restore and protect park habitat, including the control of introduced plant and animal species.  Deer control programs programs are occurring in the following parks:

Bunyip SP and Kurth Kiln Regional Park – November 2022 – June 2023

Following the 2019 bushfires Parks Victoria has observed large numbers of deer within the park. A controlled, safe and humane deer control operation will occur up until June 2023. Signs will be displayed at entrance ponts to control zones.  For more information and area map read HERE

Baw Baw National Park 5-11 March 2023

Parks Victoria will engage the services of a contractor to undertake deer control in the Baw Baw National Park on 5-11 March 2023, dependent on weather conditions. The park will not be closed when deer control work is being undertaken. Signs will be placed at major access points advising visitors that deer control is being undertaken. For more information and area map read HERE