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Brush Up on Your Navigation Skills

The increasing popularity of smartphones and handheld GPS devices leads to the question: ‘Are traditional map and compass skills relevant any longer’? Whilst the reassuring blue dot on a digital map tells you exactly where you are, there’s immense satisfaction in developing bush navigation skills and knowing how to use a compass and topographic map. As technology can’t be relied on 100%, these skills are particularly important on longer trips; they can also be used when taking part in other outdoor activities.

Whether you’re new to navigation and would like some introductory information, or if you want to brush up on how to read a map, use a compass, or hone a specific navigation technique, CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of resources. The short video clips are particularly useful. With these skills (as Australia’s late pioneering bushwalker Paddy Pallin said) you’ll be “Never Truly Lost”.