Point Addis – Bell’s Beach


NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  11 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


Starting from the Point Addis car park, this circuit walk goes through heathland, along the coast with great views of the ocean and cliffs returning via Addiscot and Bell's beaches.  Bell's is the world famous surf beach and is very popular when the surf is up. Depending on tides, you may need to start this walk at Southside by walking along the beach towards Pt Addis

The Walk in Detail

The walk follows a road, 4WD walking tracks and sandy beaches.

Parks Victoria issued a media release on 5 August 2013 advising of a recent landslip at Jarosite Headland near Point Addis.  Visitors are urged to take note of signage and avoid cliffs in the area, especially between Anglesea Beach and Southside Beach.  Visitors should always take care near the sandstone cliffs along the coastline as they are notoriously unstable, especially following storm events or high tides.

The Koori Cultural Walk     From the Point Addis Car Park walk back up the Point Addis Rd past a toilet block, for about 300m, to a path on your right with a timber viewing platform close to the road. Follow the path to the left of the viewing platform down to a track junction. Take the track to the left uphill at the beginning of the Koori Cultural Walk. Follow this path, bearing right at a T-junction, and continuing to the lookout at the end of a short side path overlooking Addiscott Beach.

Koori Cultural Walk to the Jarosite Track     From the viewing platform return to the path and turning right continue to another lookout. Continue on the coastal track through heathland as it descends to the floor of the Ironbark Basin and a sign on the left to a car park. The sign is at a fence. Take this small track on the left. The track soon becomes a wide eroded track (Ironbark Track) which should be followed north west to a three-way junction by a dam. At this point the left track is the Surf Coast Walk track and the other track is the nature trail. Both tracks meet at a four-way junction with Jarosite Track.

Jarosite Track to the Jarosite Mine    Jarosite Track to the left leads to the Point Addis Rd. Take Jarosite Track to the right in a northerly direction. Ignore two footpaths to the left at a big bend. After about 1 km take the track to the right. This will take you through some wonderful grasstree and stringybark forest before re-entering the ironbarks near the old Red Ochre Mine site at a sign 'Jarosite Track Turnaround Point'.

Jarosite Mine to Southside      After looking at the mine, take a track marked ''to Southside and Bells Beach Track' (SCW) at the opposite side of the clearing. Follow the track for about 500m to an intersection. Walk straight across the vehicle track, following the track to the northeast through tea tree heath and on to Jarosite Rd. Follow Jarosite Rd to the right, downhill, for about 150m before the walking track continues sliding off to the right and on to Southside Car Park.

Bells Beach      Walk straight across the Southside entry road to pick up a well-formed track that will take you to Bells Beach via some stone stairs and a bridge. Return to Southside Car Park by the same route

Return to Point Addis      From the Southside Car Park take the concrete path to Southside Beach.  (The path leading to the point at Southside is a loop and only takes you to the lookout platform).  The return to Point Addis is along Southside Beach, under the huge Jarosite Headland and along Addiscott Beach.  This beach route may only be used within about 2-3 hours either side of low tide.  Near the western end of Addiscott Beach at the 83W emergency beach location sign, take a set of stairs up to the beginning of the Koori Cultural Walk.  Turn left and retrace your steps back to the car park at Point Addis.

Getting There

To get to the start of the walk from Anglesea travel on the Great Ocean Rd towards Geelong for 7km and turn right into Point Addis Rd and travel along to the end of the road to the car park (Melways 611 D10). 

If starting at Southside, access to the Southside Car Park is via Jarosite Rd which leaves the Great Ocean Rd about 1 km east of the road to Point Addis.

Walk Precautions

Be careful of sandstone cliff edges as they are very unstable. If the tide is not favourable, it may be better to start the walk at Sunnyside and walk the beach section towards Point Addis first..

Additional Information

Start/End of walk APV002 - Toilets


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