Paradise Walk

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  9 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


Take a walk in the Mt Cole State Forest through a variety of of bush areas including a lush valley of fern trees.  The Mt Cole area is a great place for bird watching and you can also see kangaroos, wallabies, echidna and possums.

The Walk in Detail

Head left up the track and around the gate, cross the road and up the steps following the sign to the Grevillea Track. Cross the road, continue. You will come to a fork in the track. Take the right turn to the Glut Picnic Area. (30 - 40 min. Toilets available here.) Leave the Glut, cross the road and turn left onto the wider track not straight ahead down the narrower one.  This will lead you on to a road.

Cross over the weir on the footbridge and up some steps, there is a "Paradise Walk" sign near a large fallen log. Continue until you reach a T intersection where there is a sign for the "Paradise Walk" pointing to where you have just come from. Turn left up the track, you will see a "Paradise Walk" sign pointing to the right along with a yellow marker. This takes you down into a lush valley of tree ferns.

The 3 footbridges at the bottom of the hill can be slippery when wet. Just over the road you come to there is a yellow marker on a tree pointing right, follow this. Continue on road. Pick up the track again at the crossroads. There is a yellow marker on a tree to the left.  Continue along track Cross over a smaller track, go straight ahead down to a ferny glade. (you have the option here of turning right on this small track or going down into the ferny glade.) As you come up from the ferns you will meet this smaller track again. Cross the road to a flatter area. Follow orange marker on post.

Cross the road, you will see a "no motorbike" sign Continue along over the bridge down the steps and along a long boardwalk among tall tree ferns, until you reach the end of the boardwalk. Veer right along a cleared track to a road. Turn left at this road walking past Sanderson Rd. Keep going until you reach a crossroads where you will see a sign to "Richards 500m", go straight across.

Getting There

Take the Western Highway to Beaufort. Turn right just past the Rotunda in the main street of Beaufort. (Mobil Service Station on the opposite corner.) Follow the signs to Mt Cole and Beeripmo. Travel north to Raglan then follow the Elmhurst road for about 9 km and take the Glut road fork to the left. Turn left again at the sign to Richards Campground. The car park is a short distance up this road.

Walk Precautions

Note that fires and new track work since this walk was documented mean that the route and signage does not follow the attached map and walk description precisely in some areas. Foot bridges can be slippery when wet.

Additional Information

Richards: APV001 - InformationAPV002 - ToiletsAPV008 - Picnic TableAPV009 - FireplaceAPV026 - CampingAPV038 - Drinking Water

The Glut: APV002 - ToiletsAPV008 - Picnic TableAPV009 - FireplaceAPV038 - Drinking Water


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