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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  18 Km   |  Duration:  7 Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Return   |  Map

About the Walk


A steep climb for approximately 1.5 hours past waterfalls and through eucalyptus forest to the sub alpine vegetation at the top of Mt Buangor. The walk is well signposted up to the summit. Beyond the summit the track is not signposted until the reservoir road.

The Walk in Detail

Take the Mt Buangor walking track and make a small diversion to the left to view the falls a few hundred metres from the start. Continue over the footbridge and follow the Mt Buangor track up the hill until it reaches Freemans Track. Turn left and follow the road (and then Mugwamp Tk) until it intersects with the section of Beeripmo Track leading to Mt Buangor. Turn left to Buangor lookout and then on to the cairn at the peak of Mt. Buangor.

Backtrack from the cairn to the walking track and turn left. Follow this around and down the hill until it meets a gravel road, ignoring a less distinct sidetrack to the left a few hundred metres from the road.  Turn left and follow the road until a T-junction. Turn right (Reservoir Rd) and follow this until the second turn sharply left along another road - to Ararat Reservoir.

Return by the same route (past Mt Buangor) until the track meets Mugwam Tk and keep left to reach Mugwamp Campground. Now take the Beeripmo Track towards Beeripmo camp. Before reaching Beeripmo campground, turn right onto Freemans Track. Continue until Freemans Track meets the trail to Ferntree Falls. Turn left, thus retracing the route taken at the start of the day - to Ferntree Picnic area and carpark.

Getting There

From Beaufort head west along the Western Hwy.  Approximately 11 km out of town turn right onto Ferntree Gully Road at the 'Mt Buangor State Park' road sign. Continue for approximately 6 km to the park entrance. After ½ km turn right into Ferntree Waterfalls Rd. Continue past Middle Ck and Bailes car park on your left to reach Ferntree car park.

Walk Precautions

Tracks are narrow and steep in places and can be slippery if wet. The return journey is steep downhill. There is a short section off-track.

Additional Information

   Ferntree area:  APV026 - Camping APV008 - Picnic Table APV009 - Fireplace APV002 - Toilets APV038 - Drinking Water APV001 - Information

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