04 Newbury to Lyonville Mineral Springs (2023)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  14.5 Km   |  Duration:  5 Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 3   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


This circuit walk will visit old mining and logging towns and follow a section of historic rail trail and tramway line to Lyonville Springs.<br /> Duration: 5.0 Hours, (including morning tea and lunch).

The Walk in Detail

Follow Donald Lane West for 0.5 km to the junction with Millers Track, then turn right and walk North through old growth forest for about 1.0 km - crossing Domino Road. Continue straight along Millers Track for a further 1.4 kms – ignoring two side tracks, then turn right (North) for 100m to join the Domino Rail Trail (morning tea). Follow the rail trail west for 3.0 kms to the Radio Springs Hotel - noting a short detour to the right around the trestle bridge. Continue a short distance along Main Street (North), then Left (West) into High Street, then turn Right (North) along Gleeson Street to the P. Gleeson Memorial Park for a short toilet break.

Follow Bremner Avenue West and cross the Daylesford-Trentham Road to follow Greenham Drive North for 200m.  Turn left into Tram Street and walk through a grassed area for 300m NW to a track intersection between forest and private property, then turn Right (North), and follow this track for 2.0 kms straight to Lyonville Springs for lunch.

After lunch, back-track 600m, then veer left and follow the sealed Lyonville Springs Road (SSE) for 1.0 km to the Daylesford-Trentham Road.  Turn Right and walk 300m along the RHS of the road past the guard rail, then turn left crossing the road to join Peukers Lane.  Continue SE for 1.7 km (ignoring the right-hand bend), then take the far right turn and walk SSW for 400 m to the Domino Rail Trail.  Cross the rail trail and after walking 100m (South), continue veer slightly left (SE) along the Old Lyonville Track for 600m – turning right at the intersection. Continue South along the Old Lyonville Track for 1.1 km (ignoring three side tracks), then walk a further 900m veer Left (ESE) to Clarrie Donald Track.  Ignoring several side tracks, continue East for a further 1.5 km back to the start.

Getting There

From Trentham muster point turn right onto Falls Rd, and drive 750m to the intersection of Cosmos Rd, then turn right.  Drive for 4.8 kms to Newbury, then turn right into Donald Lane (Clarrie Donald Lane on Google Maps).  Parking is available on open land at the intersection of Donald Lane and Blackwood Trentham Road.  Driving distance from Trentham: 5.5 kms.

Walk Precautions

The track may have deep puddles after heavy rain.

Additional Information