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On the Walk


Helping you to choose an enjoyable first bushwalk...


Get ready for a safe and enjoyable walk...

Take & Wear

A guide to suitable equipment, food & clothing…

On the Walk

How to enjoy your day in the bush...

Problems & Issues

In case something goes wrong…

After Your First Walk

At the end of the day, and then if you want more…

Purpose of your walk

  • Are you walking to enjoy nature, flowers and birds? If so, your walk will take longer than if you walk without stopping.
  • Are you walking to improve your fitness? If so, look for some challenges. Perhaps choose a walk that has a few hills, slopes or stairs.
  • Make sure you walk within your ability.

Who you will be walking with

  • It is always best to bushwalk with other people.
  • If there will be more than four people in your group it is a good idea to nominate a responsible person who will take the lead to ensure preparation is done and all walkers are looked after.
  • The speed and fitness of the slowest person will decide how far you can walk and how quickly.
  • If you have children, how far can they walk?
  • If you have elderly people or people with disabilities, they may not be able to walk far and may need to walk on easy tracks.

 Level of difficulty

Your choice of first bushwalk should

  • Take no more than four hours
  • Be rated either grade 1 or 2 or easy or moderate
  • Be on a track that is well maintained and has signposts