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Wilson Botanic Park

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  • Walk Length: 1.5 - 3 km
  • Walk duration: 40 - 60 mins
  • Walk Grade: Gentle
  • Walk Style: Circuit
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Walk Summary

Walk Category:  Short

Getting There:  Car, Train & Bus

Walk Area:  Central Victoria

Distance from Melbourne GPO:  46 km

Mobile Phone Coverage:  Yes

Walk Details Collated:  April 2012

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Walk Description

The Wilson Botanic Park was originally a quarry which was founded in 1859 by William Wilson. The quarry produced some of the highest quality basalt in the Melbourne area until the late 1970s. The quarry site was transformed, by the then City of Berwick, from the late 1980s to it's opening as a botanic park in 1992. The walks take in views of the Anniversary Lake and the Basalt Lake with it's associated birdlife. The various lookouts around the park provide great views of Melbourne, Berwick, and the surrounding area. Two walks are described - one for 40 mins and one for 60 mins.

Track surface:  Sealed and gravel paths with some steps.

Best season:  All seasons.

Hazards:  There are no protective fences along the trails or around children's playgrounds so supervision of children at all times is advised. Snakes may be present during peak seasons, (October—May), so take care when walking around the park.

Walking Notes:

Option 1: A 1.5km circuit walk around the Anniversary Lake and the Basalt Lake.  About 40 minutes return at a leisurely pace.

Option 2: A 3km circuit walk around the Anniversary Lake and the Basalt Lake followed by a visit to Ben's Lookout via the Hoo Hoo Tower.  About 60 minutes return at a moderate pace.

Option 1:  Circuit walk around the Anniversary Lake and the Basalt Lake Walk.

1. Start the walk at the Information Centre and walk past the Rose Garden and turn right towards the lakes.

2. Continue along this path past the marsh/pond on the left, ignoring paths to the left and right until you come to a junction with a lookout over the lake.

3. Turn left and continue on the path alongside the Anniversary Lake. After about 150m you will pass an Education Room and toilet block.

4. At the Northern end of the lake the path comes to a junction. Turn left, ignoring a path on the left which merges with the main path, and walk a few metres towards the Basalt Lake to a gravel path branching off on the left.

5. Turn left on to this gravel path and continue on the circuit of the lake. On this circuit  you will walk on a boardwalk through a marshy area, pass by a bird hide, and walk alongside a basalt rock face.

6. At the end of the circuit ignore the path joining on the left hand side and continue to the junction at the end of the Anniversary lake (step 4).

7. Carry on straight ahead alongside the lake and past the Amphitheatre to the junction with lookout over the lake (step 2).

8. Turn left and retrace your steps to the start of the walk at the Information Centre.

Option 2:  A walk around the Lakes, (per Option 1), followed by a visit to Ben's Lookout via the Hoo Hoo Tower.

1. Complete the circuit walk of the lakes per option 1 to the junction with lookout (Option 1 step 7).

2. Turn left then after a few metres turn right alongside the pond/marsh. Take the right hand path where the path splits just after the turn.

3. After about 25m you will see some steps on the right leading up to the playground. Climb these steps to the playground and BBQ area.

4. Cross over the path alongside the playground and continue up another set of steps  which lead up to the Hoo Hoo Tower. A visit to the top of the Tower provides stunning views over Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay.

5. After visiting the Tower, continue straight ahead up the path to the left of the bend. After about 60m take the path to the right.

6. Follow this path, past the ball game area, for about 200m to a roundabout and short path to a rotunda at Ben's Lookout.

7. After admiring the views from the rotunda, return to the roundabout turn half left continue down the gravel road towards the boundary of the park.

8. Take the left hand branch at the next junction, cross over the next path, and continue to the a junction with the road which runs along the park boundary.

9. Turn left and follow this road down to where it passes  a toilet block and shelter with BBQs on the right hand side and the playground on the left. Continue on this the road, past the steps to the playground and pond, back to the junction per step 2.

10. Turn right and return to Information Centre to complete the walk.

Walk Map

To view more on the map, zoom in or out, click the symbols and the walk route. To open a full screen version of the map, right-click Open Icon and open in another tab or window. The map and walk details can also be pdfdownloaded674.59 KB.

Getting There

Melways:  111 B7

Directions:   Drive on Monash Freeway and take the Berwick off ramp (Princess Hwy).  As you approach Berwick, on the Princes Highway, you will find the entrance to the Park on the left hand side about 3/4 km before the shopping centre.

Car parking:  There are two car parks adjacent to the Park Information Centre.

Public transport:  Public transport is difficult.  Take the train to Berwick and catch Bus Nos 827, 828 and 838 which travel from Berwick railway station past the entrance to the park on the Princes Highway.  It is a 400-500m walk into the main entrance to the park proper.

Further Information

Opening Hours: Opens from 7.00am to 5:00pm and 7.00am to 8.00pm during daylight saving.

Dogs:  Dogs are welcome in the park on a leash.

To enhance your experience take with you a copy of the Brochure of the park which you can get at the Information Centre. This brochure provides a map and information on the various features in the park.

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