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Mt Blackwood - Lohs Lane Lerderderg State Park

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  • Walk Length: 8 km
  • Walk duration: 2.5 hours
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Style: Circuit
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Walk Summary

Walk Category:  Short

Getting There:  Car

Nearest Town:  Blackwood

Walk Area:  Central Victoria

Distance from Melbourne GPO:  86 km

Mobile Phone Coverage:  Yes but coverage varies by provider

Walk Details Collated:  October 2013

Walk Details Provided By:  Boroondara Bushwalkers

Walk Description

This walk is all on tracks except for the easy descent of Mt Blackwood and a flat walk along Grassy Easement, a fence line is followed through a paddock. Some road walking. 150m change in elevation.  2.5hrs of walking, not including breaks.  There are side-trips to explore the easy sections of Chadwick Track (return) and Ah Kow Track (return).  A great walk for photographers.

Walk Description

Start:  Junction of Mt Blackwood Road and Tower Track.

  1. Follow Tower Track east to the Mt Blackwood fire tower. Circuit the tower. Return to Tower Track, turn right and walk north east. The made track ends after a few metres at the Great Dividing Trail marker. Descend though a wide grassy easement, toward the bottom of which is a stand of beautiful Manna Gums, to a stile. Climb the stile, cross to the rusty gate and pass through to Lower Chadwick Track (signposted). Follow Lower Chadwick Tracknorth-east until it becomes steep. Distance 2.5km.

  2. Retrace steps to the gate. Pass through the rusty gate. (Do not go through the other gates onto private property.) After a few metres, at the corner of the fence enclosing the private property, turn left onto a grassy easement and walk south to Lohs Lane. Distance 1.8 km.

  3. At Lohs Lane, turn left onto a wide gravel track and walk south-east for a short distance with a paddock on your left and old farm machinery on your right. Pass through the gate and continue to the signpost marked 'Blackwood Range Track/Ah Kow Track'. At the signpost turn left onto Ah Kow Track. For the first 20-50m the track is obscure. Follow Ah Kow Track north-east until it becomes steep. Distance 1.2km.

  4. Retrace steps to the gate. Pass through the gate and continue north west for a short distance to Lohs Lane. Turn left onto Lohs Lane and follow it to the junction with Mt Blackwood Road. Turn right and walk north along Mt Blackwood Rd to the walk end point. Distance 2.5km.

End: Junction of Mt Blackwood Rd and Tower Track. 

Disclaimer: All reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the route description was as accurate as possible at the time of publication.
The accompanying map is general in nature and should not be relied on for navigation purposes.

This park is infected with Cinnamon Fungus.  Please observe the following control measures:

  • Be clean on entry and exit. Vehicles, tyres, machinery, footwear and camping gear should be free of soil, gravel and mud prior to entering or leaving any park, reserve or campsite (particularly in high risk areas). Don't bring soil or gravel in – and don't take any home!
  • Where available, use boot cleaning stations and vehicle wash down bays – they are there for a reason.
  • Remain on formed roads, tracks and pathways at all times. Moving from infected to uninfected areas can spread the pathogen - particularly during wet weather when soils are wet and sticky.
  • Obey all track and road closure signs. Do not enter areas of vegetation that have been quarantined.

For full details on the fungus and required control measures please follow link provided in Further Information below.

Walk Map

To view more on the map, zoom in or out, click the symbols and the walk route. To open a full screen version of the map, right-click Open Icon and open in another tab or window. An image of the map can also be pdfdownloaded313.04 KB.

Getting There

Drive to Blackwood on the Western Highway via Melton and Bacchus Marsh, taking the Greendale-Myrninong Road turn-off from the highway and turning right to cross back over the highway.  In 1.1km continue straight on to the Old Western Highway.  In 7km turn right onto Mount Blackwood Road.  Continue until reach Tower Track on right (just past Lohs Lane).

The walk starts and finishes at the junction of Mt Blackwood Road and Tower Track. 

Further Information


Mobile phone coverage information

Weather forecast:  Central District

Parks Victoria: website   Lerderderg State Park

Parks Victoria:  Park NoteLerderderg State Park

Parks Victoria: Map optimised for mobile devices. To download map, you must first install the free Avenza PDF Maps applicationLerderderg State Park  

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