Mollongghip to Barkstead - Bushwalking Victoria

Mollongghip to Barkstead Wombat State Forest

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  • Walk Length: 13 km
  • Walk duration: 4.5 hrs
  • Walk Grade: Medium
  • Walk Style: Circuit
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Mollongghip to Barkstead

Walk Summary

Walk Category:Day

Getting There: Car

Nearest Town: Daylesford

Walk Area: Central Victoria

Distance from Melbourne GPO: 108 km

Mobile Phone Coverage: Yes but coverage varies by provider

Walk Details Collated: May 2015

Walk Details Provided by: Federation 2015; Bayside Bushwalking Club & Great Dividing Trail Association

Walk Description

Important Note

This walk involves off-track walking and should therefore only be attempted by parties experienced in the use of map and compass and equipped with a topographic map covering the walk. The provided walk map is unsuitable for navigation purposes.

Walk Details

Start the walk north along Slaters Road for about 400m to a bush track on the left, which continues north, steadily downhill through forest to a junction with unsigned Dredge Track. Turn south-east onto Dredge Track and follow this track for 750m until the track ends at a T junction with Pinchgut Road (GR 406502). Turn left (north) and walk downhill and cross a creek, taking a turn to the right (north-east) uphill onto signed Mullins Track (GR 406508). Follow this track uphill for 1km to a dam. Continue north-east uphill from the dam on Mullers Dam Track for another 1km until the track ends on Barkstead Road (GR 424511). Turn left (north) for 200m on the road before deviating north-east on a faint bush track leading down to a small breached dam. Immediately to the north-east of the dam is the old Barkstead mine wall, which is over 3 m high but obscured by exotic trees.

Walk uphill on the ridge north of the mine wall for 50m (off-track) then due east down to cross Cave Creek which is likely to be dry. Follow the creek south on the east bank through forest for 500m off-track to pick up an unsigned track leading south-west (GR 427508). Follow south-west for about 500m, crossing two other tracks, until you reach paddocks at Barkstead. Continue south-west along an easement to pick up signed Cowans Lane that takes you to Barkstead Road. Turn left (south) onto bitumen then left (east) into signed McCarthy Road. After 150m, cross the verge on the south side for 55m to the Andersons sawmill site at GR 424501 – now only spongy sawdust and some footings.

From the sawmill site head back west along McCarthy Road to the junction with Barkstead Road. Follow the bitumen through Barkstead, south then west uphill for 700m and take a faint track north at GR 419498 to meet up with the gold posts of the Wallaby Track section of the Goldfields Track. Make sure you turn left (south-west) and follow the signposts, and route of Andersons tramway for 1km to Pinchgut Road.

Cross the road to a gold signpost and continue south-west along the Wallaby Track for another 1km to Slaters Road at GR 402395. Follow the signposts west then south for 900m back to the start of the walk.

Walk Map

To view more on the map, zoom in or out, click the symbols and the walk route. To open a full screen version of the map, right-click Open Icon and open in another tab or window. An image of the map can also be pdfdownloaded307.6 KB.

Getting There

From Melbourne head west via the M1, M80 and the Western Freeway/Highway (M8) continue past the C141 exit to Daylesford and take the exit for Wallace/Bungaree/Creswick. Turn north onto Ormond Road and continue for about 8.7 km to the intersection with Gleesons and Barkstead Roads. Turn left onto Gleesons Road and drive 1 km to the junction with McPhans Road, Slaters Road and The Wallaby Track. This is the start of the walk.

Further Information

Total uphill: 260 m
Gradient: gentle hills <10%
Path: 4WD bush tracks, with off-track in open forest


Daylesford and Hepburn Springs – tourism and accommodation

Mobile Phone Coverage: Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone


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