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Catholic Walking Club of Victoria

A great opportunity to enjoy bushwalking with friends. Due to the size of the Club many people know each other and welcome newcomers to the group.

Day Walks, Base Camp Walks
Family Friendly, Interstate Trips, Overseas Trips, Training

The Catholic Walking Club of Victoria (CWCV) was founded in 1951 and has for its objectives the encouragement of bushwalking and allied activities and the fostering of a greater love of the outdoors.

Membership is open to anyone eighteen years of age and over and actively interested in bushwalking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A bi-monthly Walks Program promotes day, weekend and extended bushwalking, ski touring and cycling trips in varied country to encourage members to have a wider appreciation and better understanding of the wild and natural environment.

It would be unusual to find a weekend during the year which didn't have a club activity and we also offer Wednesday walks once a month.  Walk gradings range from easy to hard to cater for all levels of ability.

The Club also participates in activities which benefit the wider community, such as tree planting and track clearing.

A range of equipment is available for hire for people new to bushwalking.