Wombat Gully Walk


NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  19 Km   |  Duration:  5.5 Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 4   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


this is a circuit walk, starting at Lake Daylesford, walking past Jubilee Lake, which dates from 1860 and was the former water supply to the township, to Wombat Creek Dm, which is the current water supply and was constructed in 1967. The return path follow the route of the old Creswick-Daylesford Railway, which was constructed in 1867 and closed in 1953. The Great Dividing Trail is crossed several times. Some old mine working are also passed on the return path.

The Walk in Detail

Start the walk at the Lake Daylesford car park (GR 46462). Exit the car park, walking south-west besdie the lake. Follow the pathto Tessiers road. After about 50m this runs into Old Ballarat Road and after about 100m turn right into Park Avenue. Continue south on Basin Road walking around the oval to reach the Daylesford-Ballan Road at GR 466614. Cross the road with care and continue walking east-south-east onto the path onthe other side. Walk in an easterly direction for about 500m before crossing Lake Road. Follow the path just tothe left of the crossing towards Jubilee Lake for 600m to a track junction at GR 474609. Turn left and walk along the northern edge of the lake and onwards on a southerly direction. Morning tea will be at a water pump where the mineral water can be tasted. After walking on the track for roughly 2km in a southerly direction, the path joins Cockatoo Creek Track at GR 489589. Continue south on Cockatoo Creek Track for 1.5km, then at GR 492577 turn left at the junction with Burnt Stable Track. At GR 497578 turn left onto a small path through the bush. Follow this path for about 0.5km, winding northwards until picnic tables are reached for lunch.

After lunch, follow the fire trail south-south-east to Wombat Creek Road. Turn left and right onto the south-easterly path to the top of Wombat Creek Dam on the left side. Walk south-west along the dam wall then turn right on Wombat Creek Road. Continue on Wombat Creek Road for about 500m, crossing the path taken after lunch and a small bridge. At GR 498583 turn left onto the lower path. Follow the path for about 1.3km to an intersection at GR 493586. Turn left on the path that wends its way through the forest, crosses Wombat Creek and joins Cockatoo Creek Track at GR 491586. Turn right, heading north for about 500m. At GR 489589 turn left to stay on Cockatoo Creek Track and continue on this track for 1.5km before crossing Specimen Hill Road onto an unnamed track heading south-west towards Specimen Hill Dam. This track crosses the Great Dividing Trail at GR 475591 and then turns northwards at GR 471589 and follows the path of the old railway. Continue on the path until the southern side of Jubilee Lake is reached. Stop here for a well-earned snack next to the lake near the Jubilee Lake View Platform.

Walk west along the southern edgo of the lake tothe old railway bridge and cross the end of the lake. After crossing the bridge, clamber immediately up the bank to the continuation of the old railway line. Follow the railway line for about 1km where it meets Patterson Street. Turn left into Patterson Street. After about 100m, turn right onto a north heading track which soon turns north-west. Continue on the track in this direction until Macadam Street is reached. Turn left onto Macadam Street and follow it to Daylesford-Ballan Road. Cross ti busy road with care. Turn right into a small track on the left, lower side of Daylesford-Ballan Road, heading north. Follow the path besdie the southern extent of Lake Dalesford on the eastern side of the lake. This path leads to Bleakley Street. Cross the street and follow the footpath besdie the lake back to the car park.

Getting There

From the Hepburn Primary School turn right onto Main Road and continue in an easterly direction until it turns right (south) and becomes C138. Continue for about 4km to Daylesford. Go straight ahead through the second roundabout and turn right into Bleakley Street. Cross the causeway and turn right immediately into the Lake Daylesford car park (Grid Reference (GR) 464627.

Walk Precautions

Some of the bush tracks on this walk are steep and could be slippery if wet. Boots are strongly advised. Pole will also be useful.

Additional Information

Toilets are available at the start and end of the walk and at the Jubilee Lake picnic area. There are tables at Jubilee Lake and near Wombat Creek Dam.


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