Pyrenees Walking Trail

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  24 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  One Way   |  Map

About the Walk


The Pyrenees Walking Trail is also known as the Pyrenees Endurance Walk.  A long, strenuous walk through a pleasant variety of timbered forests, traversing the Pyrenees Range from west to east.

The Walk in Detail

Important Note

This is a strenuous and difficult walk that should only be undertaken by fit and experienced walkers.  Proficency with map, compass and GPS, along with topographic maps is also required. Before commencing this walk make sure that you have left details of your intended route and expected return time a responsible adult.

Walk Details

The Pyrenees Walking Trail is also known as the Pyrenees Endurance Walk.  A long, strenuous walk through a pleasant variety of timbered forests, traversing the Pyrenees Range from west to east.

This walk starts on the western side of the Pyrenees Range at Glenlofty. The trail climbs steeply through lightly timbered bush to Smiths Track, which is then ascended to Black Range Track, which, in turn, continues to rise further along a ridgeline.

After passing the junction with Billy Goat Track, walk up and over a knoll and look for a right turn onto the Pyrenees Walking Trail.  Leave the 4WD track and follow the marked trail East North East through moderately treed bushland before dropping down to a wet gully. The route then contours around the heads of several more gullies while continuing East towards Camerons Track.

Cross Camerons Track and continue contouring around the top of numerous watercourses, crossing disused forestry tracks (take the time to look for the track markers, as they can be just out of sight), then descend and cross Nowhere Creek.

From Nowhere Creek the trail is poorly marked, and it rises brutally upwards towards Emery Track, crossing a major rise before a rest stop is reached. You then descend into the Glenpatrick Creek catchment.

From here, the trail rises significantly once more to cross the highest point in the Pyrenees, Mt Avoca (747m) via a left turn on an un-named track. You then head north from the trig point along a forest road, descending gradually until a sign indicating the waterfalls track to the right. Turn right onto the waterfalls track.  The trail from here on is well maintained, heading East downhill past the waterfalls (a highlight if recent rain has fallen) until the car park area is reached.

Getting There

Drive to Beaufort on the Western Highway (M8/A8), then travel north through Raglan and on to Elmhurst. Turn left onto the Pyrenees Hwy (B180), continue towards Ararat for 2 km, then turn right across railway line onto the Landsborough–Elmhurst Rd. Follow this for approx 8 km, turning right onto the Glenlofty-Warrenmang (dirt) Rd. Follow for approx 2km looking for Hankin Tk and the start of the walk on the right.

Start: GR974908: Glenlofty-Warrenmang Rd / Hankin Tk Junction

Finish: GR103915: Mount Avoca Waterfalls Picnic Ground

Lat/Long of start point: -37.110203, 143.231141 Lat/Long of end point: -37.098506, 143.366475

Note that this is a one-way walk requiring a car shuffle. To drop a car at the end point, Waterfalls Picnic Ground, from Melbourne take the Western Highway (M8) to Ballarat and then the Sunraysia Highway (B220) to Avoca (185km from Melbourne). From Avoca travel west on Vinoca Road (10 km) to Waterfall Track then 2.25 km to the Waterfalls Picnic Area. After dropping a car return to Avoca then take the Pyrenees Highway (B180) south west 23 km to Elmhurst and continue on for 2 km to turn north onto Landsborough-Elmhurst Road. Drive about 8 km and turn right on Glenlofty-Warrenmang Road and it is about 2 km to the walk start at Hankin Track.

Total distance from Melbourne via Avoca and Waterfalls to the start point is about 246 km.

Walk Precautions

Concentration required throughout. Steep and possibly slippery, markers on posts but trail often indistinct. Hiking boots and gaiters to be worn, generous supply of food and water to be carried.

Additional Information

Waterfalls Picnic Ground APV026 - Camping APV009 - Fireplace APV008 - Picnic Table APV002 - Toilets APV038 - Drinking Water


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