Blairgowrie – Portsea (Front and Back Beaches)


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About the Walk


This walk has excellent coastal scenery, historical sites, artists views of the bay, views over Sorrento, a botanical gardens and old historical buildings. There are a number of secluded bays on the Bass Strait side of the Peninsula. Artists viewpoints are marked on the artists walk map obtained at the Information Centre near start of the walk. The walk takes you through Sorrento and Portsea as well as along Portsea's front and back beaches.

The Walk in Detail

Starting at the car park walk towards the coast past Sorrento Hotel and you will see the Helicopter Rescue Service and across the water the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal(1).  Turn left into the Botanical Gardens (2) and walk through to Point Nepean Road.  Follow Point Nepean road north past an St Johns Anglican Historical Church (3) to Lentel avenue, turn right and walk to the coast. Follow the beach to Point King (4).

Return to Point Nepean Road and follow west to Hemston Avenue and go to the coast. Walk along Shelley Beach to Point Franklin (5) then return to Point Nepean Road.  Still walking west go through Portsea (6) till you reach the Visitors Centre (7) at the Point Nepean National Park.  Walk along Defence Road to Wilsons Folly Track and turn left (south) on this track. Follow Wilsons Folly Track (8) to the London Bridge car park.

Visit London Bridge (9) then head east along the beach past Portsea Surf Beach (10) to Sphinx Rock (11).  Climb the steps and follow the track to Coppins Lookout (12).  Return to the main trackand continue east to Ocean Beach Road. You can look down into Sorrento Ocean Beach Amphitheatre (13).

Follow Coppins Track to St Pauls Beach and take the side track out to St Pauls Rock (14). Return to the main track and walk to Diamond Bay (15). Go down into this bay for a look.  Return to the main track and climb to St PaulsLookout (16). Here you will have a 360 degrees view over Bass Strait, Sorrento and Port Phillip Bay.

Drop down to the main track and return to the Diamond Bay car park and follow Diamond Bay road to Melbourne Road. Turn left and walk west to St Pauls Road then turn right (north) and follow St Pauls Road back to the car park on Point Nepean Road.

Getting There

Drive to Sorrento either on Melbourne Road or Point Nepean Rd.  Park in car park at St Pauls Road near centre of the Sorrento Front Beach and before reaching the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal (Melways 157 C8). There is an Information Centre near the car park.

Walk Precautions

Be careful near crumbling cliff areas on the ocean side. Any steps to beach may be slippery after rain. Watch out for cars when walking on roads.

Additional Information

Point Nepean Visitors Centre:  APV001 - Information APV002 - Toilets


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