Anglesea Clifftops and Eumeralla Flora Reserve

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  14 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

Best Season:  Spring

About the Walk


Starting from Anglesea River, the walk joins the Surf Coast Walk through heathland and gullies, then turns north to make a circuit through forest and 4WD tracks, returning via Coogoorah park and wetlands back to Anglesea.

The Walk in Detail

This walk can be done all year but the flora reserve should be particularly good in spring.

From the car park, cross the bridge, turn right and follow the east bank to the river mouth. Swing left along the fence. Go up the ramp at the yellow 89W marker.  Turn right at the fenced path to the right of the caravan park. Where the track

widens and the caravan park ends follow the Surf Coast Walk track markers up a boardwalk. Continue along this track through open heathland, stunted gums and a swampy gully with a boardwalk to a very small car park.  Follow markers to the top of the ridge.

At a gravel road follow the walk track right and through a gate.  Continue on  the track following the markers to a T-junction. Continue straight ahead  for about 100m to a view point of Point Addis then return to the T-junction.  Turn north along the fenced track to a car park at the end of Hurst Rd.  Follow the gravel track west and then north again near a triangular area.  Continue north before climbing gently for 500m to a T-junction with a dirt track from the left, behind a mound of soil.  Take this 4WD track left across a gully up to a spur.  Pass a 4WD track on the left and 25m on pick up a narrow foot track on the right heading northwest.  Follow this track over a knoll, climb to the end of 4WD track and continue on in a northwesterly direction to a T-junction with a 4WD track.  Bear left and left again a short distance to the dam.  Walk around the left side to the foot of the dam and the intersection of two 4WD tracks

Take the right southwest 4WD track as it meanders over a spur, under a power line, and through a swampy gully.  At the top of the next rise follow an overgrown track on the right for 50m out to the Great Ocean Rd.  Cross to the other side, turn left and walk a short distance down the side of the road until opposite an entry way on the left.  Bush bash 20m to the right through to a well-made gravel road running parallel to the main road.  Turn left (south) along here (Ixodia Track) for 700m to a junction with Black Wattle Track and an unmarked gravel road to the right.  Take the unmarked road west downhill.  The road forks  around a fence line.  Take the right branch west along the fence line to the sealed Camp Rd.  The fence encloses the Department of Sustainability and Environment Southeast and Parks Victoria Anglesea Depot.

Turn right (north) for 100m and just before a power pole veer left onto a 4WD track.  Follow the track, overgrown at first, behind an electricity sub-station and continue on, ignoring other side tracks, until you pass under a power line and intersect a gravel road.  Turn left and walk past a rusty wreck to a better gravel road. Turn left and continue to cross a bridge over the river at the entrance to the wetlands.  Immediately turn left (southwest) to follow the track along the river to Coogoorah Park. This park could be flooded in wet weather.  Just past the children's playground, cross to east bank on a number of bridges.  Turn right and follow the path by the river downstream to the main ridge road bridge.  Cross the bridge and the Great Ocean Rd and return to the car park.

Getting There

Drive to Anglesea and through Anglesea town centre.  Cross over the Anglesea River.  Park in the car park on the left just after the bridge near the toilets. Melways Ref: 514 F7

Walk Precautions

Paths beside Anglesea river may be flooded after heavy rain or very high tides.

Additional Information

APV002 - Toilets Start/End of walk


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