20 Whisky Creek to Ambler Lane Circuit (2023)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  17.3 Km   |  Duration:  7 Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 5   |  Rating:    |  Style:  One Way   |  Map

About the Walk


This walk takes in some typical Lerderderg Gorge country, with a narrow gorge-like creek and views into the gorge and surroundings, using walking and vehicle tracks. (7+ hours (including breaks)).

The Walk in Detail

Starting from the junction of Obriens Road and Whisky Track, the walk proceeds 3.6 km SE down Whisky Track then after passing Kenworth Track on the left continue along Vodka Track for a further 1.5 km - descending into Whisky Creek. Some mild scrambling along the creek bed for about 2.2 km to join the Lerderderg River. Cross the river (be prepared for wet feet, possible knee-high water crossing), then a rock scramble steeply up to Razorback N Track on the ridge above. Follow this track West and then North for 400m passing Spanish Onion Track on the right to join Cowan Track. Cowan Track is often narrow (single file), with steep edges. Continue north for 4.1 km and turn left (North) onto O’Brien Road, from where the walk branches off to the right shortly afterwards onto Trout Track. Follow Trout Track north for about 1.4km, descending steeply into Sardine Creek. 

After crossing Sardine Creek (easier creek crossing) climb steeply north up Trout Track for 1.0 km to join Ambler Lane. Follow Ambler Lane SW to cross the Lerderderg River (be prepared for wet feet again, possible knee-high water crossing), then another steep climb up Ambler Lane to join Obriens Road to finish at the car shuffle vehicle (or two).

Getting There

From Trentham muster point turn right onto Falls Rd, and drive 750m to the intersection of Cosmos Rd, then turn right.  Drive for 13.2 kms to Blackwood.  Continue along Greendale-Trentham Rd for a further 3.6 kms to Obriens Rd and turn left.   Follow Obriens Road east for 1.0 km to the junction with Whiskey Track on the right to start the walk. The car shuffle requires a further A 2.5km drive East along OBriens Road to Ambler Lane.  Driving Distance from Trentham: 21 kms.

Walk Precautions

This walk includes two river crossings and two potentially multiple creek crossings (Whisky Creek & Sardine Creek). Wet feet are unavoidable. For safe crossings it is recommended that boots remain on to avoid possible injury from submerged sticks etc. The scramble along Whisky Creek also has the potential for slippery rocks, and caution is required in this section. Gaiters and walking poles are highly recommended. There are also at least 3 steep climbs, including rock scrambles and other undulating sections. The steep climbs and declines may all be slippery.

Additional Information