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After Your First Walk


Problems and Issues


Helping you to choose an enjoyable first bushwalk...


Get ready for a safe and enjoyable walk...

Take & Wear

A guide to suitable equipment, food & clothing…

On the Walk

How to enjoy your day in the bush...

Problems & Issues

In case something goes wrong…

After Your First Walk

At the end of the day, and then if you want more…

At the end of the walk

  • Make sure everyone has returned safely.
  • After any exercise it is important to drink plenty of water even if you do not feel thirsty.
  • Wait until all cars have started before you drive off, so nobody is left behind.

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After you get home

  • Notify your emergency contact that you have returned.
  • Clean all shoes, clothes and equipment so that you do not spread disease, dirt, or germs that can harm plants and animals from one area to another.
  • Share photos and memories of your walk with friends.

Do you want to do more bushwalks?

The best way to learn more about bushwalking and find interesting places to walk is to join a bushwalking club. Hyperlink  to the directory of bushwalking clubs page from the BWV site

  • You will be able to choose from a wide range of walks and be led by an experienced leader.
  • You will meet other people who enjoy walking.
  • Joining a club is the cheapest and safest way to learn about bushwalking

Find other places to walk

The Bushwalking Victoria website also has more detailed information