Bushwalkers enjoy and need a good environment for bushwalking. 


On World Environment Day it is important to reflect on how we are managing and protecting our natural areas, including National Parks and Crown Land, now and for the future.

Bushwalking Victoria commends Minister Lily D’Ambrosio for taking recent action to remove feral horses from the Alpine National Park.

We are disappointed that the NSW Government has abandoned their support for the removal and control of feral horses in Kosciusko National Park.

Forests are great places for bushwalking.  Bushwalking Victoria supports the creation of the Great Forest National Park and better protection of Gippsland’s forests to provide a wide range of local employment and excellent active recreational opportunties, including bushwalking.

We call for significantly more funding to manage Victoria’s National Parks and to “preserve and protect the park[s] in their natural condition for the use, enjoyment and education of the public” (National Parks Act Victoria).

In this “digital age” it is becoming more important for people to experience and enjoy our natural environment with benefits for our physical and mental health.

We are proud of our volunteer’s contribution to the maintenance and development of bushwalking  trails across Victoria and their hands-on conservation work.

Peter Campbell, President, Bushwalking Victoria


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