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 We have two kinds of club memberships:

Affiliate Clubs

There are 62 member clubs spread across the state and most clubs welcome new members from the general community. Many clubs also offer other outdoor activities in addition to bushwalking.
Browse our directory to find a club in your local area that offers the activities that meet your interests. There are small clubs, large clubs, and in-between-sized clubs. There are clubs that include in their club programme walks across Victoria, interstate and even overseas. Most clubs welcome people new to bushwalking and you are certain to find experienced members willing to pass on their knowledge to beginners. Some of our clubs conduct training specifically for people new to bushwalking.

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Associate Clubs

Associate clubs are organisations who besides their regular activities offer bushwalking, but not as a primary activity.
Associate members are not eligible for BWV insurance and have no voting rights, but members are able to participate in BWV committees and activities such as search and rescue, bushwalking tracks and conservation projects.

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