Starting & Running a Bushwalking Club


This document was prepared by the Bushwalking Victoria Board to assist with the formation and administration of new and existing bushwalking clubs. The board would like to thank the following people for their comments and useful discussion contributing to the document. This manual could not have been completed without their assistance.
Chris Towers, Fred Bover, Tony Walker, Sally Walker, Judy Hunter, Robyn Shingles, John Campbell and Hadi Hezaveh, Melbourne Bushwalkers and Bayside Bushwalking Club.

Download your Starting & Running a Bushwalking Club Manual here
Below are the supporting appendices for download. There are two versions, one as used in the clubs and the other created in a Word document for clubs to customise with their own logo and use.
pdfAppendix 2: Membership Application BBC.pdf217.01 KB
docxAppendix 2: Membership Application19.54 KB
pdfAppendix 3: Booking List for Private Transport MB.pdf97.02 KB
docxAppendix 3: Booking List17.42 KB
docxAppendix 4: Health Details Card MB575.54 KB
docAppendix 4: Health Details39 KB
pdfAppendix 5: Walks Report MB.pdf40.21 KB
docxAppendix 5: Walk Report16.93 KB