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Helping you to choose an enjoyable first bushwalk...


Get ready for a safe and enjoyable walk...

Take & Wear

A guide to suitable equipment, food & clothing…

On the Walk

How to enjoy your day in the bush...

Problems & Issues

In case something goes wrong…

After Your First Walk

At the end of the day, and then if you want more…

Gather information

  • Find out as much as you can about your chosen walk so that you know what to expect in the way of terrain and points of interest. Be sure to have a map to take with you, either paper or downloaded to your phone. Get track notes, if possible, but check the date they were written.  Information written some time ago may no longer be accurate.
  • You can download maps from the National Parks website, you can get a map from a Tourist information Centre or outdoor shop, or you can take a photo of a sign with your phone.

Prepare your phone

  • Your phone can give you maps of the walk, information on weather and access to emergency services on 000.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before you leave home.
  • Download the Vic Emergency app to your phone. This will let you know if there are any warnings as to why you should not walk in an area.


  • Make sure someone in the group is aware if you have a pre-existing medical condition or injury (in case of emergencies).
  • If you are seriously hurt, it can be very expensive for an ambulance to get to bush areas. Make sure you have ambulance insurance cover.

Tell someone that you are going

  • If you do not come home on time, you will need someone to contact the police to search for you.
  • Tell your emergency contact where you are going, what time you expect to return and what to do if you do not come back in time.

Check predicted walk conditions

  •  Check the detailed 7-day weather forecast for your planned walk area. Find out how hot, cold, wet or windy it will be. This will help you decide what extra clothes and water you should take.
  • Also check for extreme conditions such as storms, hail, lightning, high winds, floods or fires in case you have to cancel or postpone the walk.

Pack the night before

Have you packed everything that you need?

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