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Bushwalking Victoria sends a monthly Bulletin filled with bushwalking news, articles, and happenings. You can subscribe via the link on our homepage. If you would like to browse current and previous editions, please click on the links below. 

Contributions to the Bulletins are welcome, subject to editorial approval. Contributions can include news, views, club profiles, articles, snippets, photographs, sketches, etc. and letters about bushwalking matters.

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Bushwalking Victoria Bulletins


Bulletin 51 - Add your Voice, Join the Board, Walking in Winter, News and more... 

Bulletin 50 - Fed Walks at Licola, News, Conservation & Engagement and more Fed Walks at Licola, News, Conservation & Engagement and more 

Bulletin 49 - 100 Years of MWWC, Bushfire Recovery Update, New Discount Partner & more...

Bulletin 48 - Walking on Country, Club Milestones, FedWalks 2022, Planning your Bushwalk.. and more!

Bulletin 47- AAWT Track Maintenance, Yallock-Bulluk Coastal Park, Training Courses.. and more


Bulletin 46 - Grampians Peak Trail, Storm Affected Parks, Around the Clubs, Brush up on your Navigations Skills.. and more!

Bulletin 45 - Meet BSAR's new Co-Conveners, Falls to Hotham Crossing Project Update, Spring Planned Burns, Map Review of The Pyrenees, Tips for Summer Bushwalking, and much more!

Bulletin 44 - Warburton Mountain Bike Project Update, Make Every Bird Count, National Parks Update, Nesting boxes, and more!

Bulletin 43 - Catholic Walking Club of Victoria turns 70, Warby-Ovens Park Earns International Recognition. Tips on buying a GPS, More camping for Victorians, and more!

Bulletin 42 - COVID-19 Community Sector Impact Survey, Interclub Basecamps, Update on Parks in Central Gippsland, and more! 

Bulletin 41 - New Parks for Melbourne's Central, West, Top Australian Adventure Films, Fedwalks 2021, and more!

Bulletin 40 - Bushwalking Clubs Bounce Back after COVID-19, 50 Adventure Films to Keep you Inspired, Pathway for Carers Walks, Australia's Tiniest Mammals, and more!

Bulletin 39 - National Volunteer Week,Renewing Victoria's Public Land Legislation, Mt Difficult Walking Track Closure, Strzelecki Bushwalking Club turns 30 and more!

Bulletin 38 - FedWalks2021 is a Go, Review of the Wildlife Act, AAWT Stakeholder Meeting, Widespread Death of Snow Gums, and more!

Bulletin 37 - BTAC is back in Action, Day Walk Leader Training, New Mornington Peninsula Walks Map, Invasive Species Shoe Spray, and more!



Bulletin 36 - Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing, New Guide Books, VicMap Website Update, Greater Gariwed (Grampians) Draft Plan, and more! 

Bulletin 35 - New Maps from Meridian, From Snow to Ash, State of Volunteering Report, Murray River Adventure Trail, and more!

Bulletin 34 - Warby Range Bushwalkers turn 40, The Outdoor Ed Cookbook, Change Our Game Grants Open, Red Cross First-Aid App and Courses, and more!

Bulletin 33 - Mindfulness Walk, What is Scroggin, Volunteer Grants, Lake Tyers State Park, and more!

Bulletin 32 - Technology, Navigation, Boroondara Bushwalkers, Bushwalking Accidents Survey, Australia's Fairy-Wrens and more!

Bulletin 31 - High Country Visits, Northern Circuit of Wilsons Promontory, Book Giveaway, PeakFinder App and more!

Bulletin 30 - Walhalla Tramway Bridge, FedWalks 2020 postponed, Fallen bushwalkers of WWII, and more!

Bulletin 29 - Rebate to Clubs, meet Fagus, Trust for Nature Webinar, What is a stay-at-home bushwalker to do? and more! 

Bulletin 28 - COVID-19, Mt Buller Pygmy Possum, Yoga for bushwalkers, Nature Play Week, Safety Tips and more!

Bulletin 27 - Bushfires, Extreme weather, Nature Stewards Course, Howmans Gap Base Camp, Beaufort Walk Festival and more!


Bulletin 26 - Season's Greetings, Movember success, New water tank at Barry Saddle and more!

Bulletin 25 - Federation Walks Success, Dementia-friendly track, West-Gippsland BWC wins an award, paper maps for bushwalking and more! 

Bulletin 24 - Handy Apps, BTAC Otways and Yarra State Park, Friends and Family Day, Congratulations to Bayside BWC and Grampians BWC, Festival of Short Walks and more!

Bulletin 23 - Bunyip State Park Post Bushfire Track Maintenance, Smartphone Navigation Course, Ambulance Cover, Snake Safety Talk and more!

Bulletin 22 - Hattah Track Maintenance, Regent Honeyeater Project Planting dates, Victoria Police Trip Intention Form, The Grampians National Park Safety Ropes update and more!

Bulletin 21 - Federation Walks Bookings open, Meet the new Board, Injured or ill in a remote area?, Welcome to new member clubs and more!

Bulletin 20 - Adventure Bag Crew, Leadership Forum & AGM, Bushwalking for the Disabled, Tips for Risk management and more!

Bulletin 19 - Feral Deer Control, New Lederderg Track Map, Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan, Hoddle Mountain Trail relaunched and more! 

Bulletin 18 - Smartphone Navigation Course, Mount Buffalo Search and Rescue, Hiking the AAWT in winter, and more!

Bulletin 17 - Escaping Your Comfort Zone Wins, Family Bushwalk, McMillans Walking Track, Try Bushwalking Day and more!


Bulletin 16 - Season's Greetings, Gift ideas, Climate Change, Food Packing tips, and more!

Bulletin 15 - FedWalks 2018 Fun, VMTC turns 70, Book Review,  a Movember Bushwalk

Bulletin 14 - Why Bushwalking Clubs are good for you, Is your organisation child safe?, Well done Bayside Bushwalking Club! 

Bulletin 13 - Federation Walks 2018 Bookings are open! 

Bulletin 12 - Meet the new Board, Farewell to Patsy, Temporary Closure of Wilsons Prom

Bulletin 11 - Leadership Forum, AGM, Active Victoria, Keppel Lookout Trail

Bulletin 10 - Board members, Falls to Hotham Crossing, Stay Safe in the Bush

Bulletin 9 - Federation Walk, Whistle Codes, Grampian Peak Trail Updates

Bulletin 8 - Update on AAAS, Happy Easter, Leadership Forum

Bulletin 7 - BTAC News, What's on in March, Save the Date and Training Opportunities

Bulletin 6 - Navigation Training, Welcome to Happy When I'm Hiking and Business Advisory Committee


Bulletin 5 - Happy Christmas

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