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Membership White Background

Membership White Background

Joining Bushwalking Victoria

Bushwalking Victoria offers three categories of membership:

  • Individual Supporter Member
  • Affiliate Clubs
  • Associate Clubs

Individual members

To support Bushwalking Victoria in promoting the interests of bushwalking and bushwalkers, you can join as an individual supporter member (minimum age is 18).

Bushwalking club members can also join as individual members if they like.

Affiliate Clubs Membership

Affiliated membership is open to any body or association, whether incorporated or unincorporated, that in the opinion of the Board has bushwalking as its major activity, agrees with the objectives of Bushwalking Victoria and has a membership of no less than ten persons.  Members of affiliated clubs may also nominate for office.

Associate Clubs Membership

Associate membership may be granted to any body or association that does not have bushwalking as its major activity. Student Body Associate Membership may be granted to student bodies whose membership consists predominantly of undergraduate tertiary students.  Associate Members are not eligible for BWV insurance or voting rights but do entitle members of such clubs to participate in BWV standing committees.