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Braeside Park

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  • Walk duration: 40 - 60 mins
  • Walk Grade: Gentle
  • Walk Style: Circuit
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Braeside Park

Walk Summary

Walk Category:  Short

Getting There:  Car, Bus

Walk Area:  Melbourne - South

Distance from Melbourne GPO:  28 km

Mobile Phone Coverage:  Yes

Walk Details Collated:  2011

Walk Details Provided By:  Bushwalking Victoria


Walk Description

Track surface:  Flat, gravel and uneven dirt tracks

Best season:  All seasons.  There is a good level of shade around the Nature Trail and Information Centre,  however this shade is limited on parts of the  Red Gum  and Wetlands Trails . Note, this park will be closed on days of Code Red Fire Rating and the Red Gum Picnic Area will be closed on days of Total Fire Ban.

Hazards:  There are no protective fences along the trail or around some of the children's playgrounds so supervision of children at all times is advised.  Snakes may be present during peak seasons (October—May) so avoid walking off the trail.  The Red Gum trail is shared with bicycles so be alert and considerate to other users

Walking Notes

Option 1: Nature Walk (40 min leisurely pace approx.)

1. When standing in front of the information centre, facing the adventure playground, follow the path to the right.

2. After about 50 -100m you will pass a large shelter with picnic tables on your right and then shortly after you will arrive at an access road with Car Park 6 on your right.

3. Cross over the road and continue along the path for about 100m  until you reach a sign posted junction (Red Gum trail and Nature Walk).

4. Keep left and follow the wide gravel path. After a few hundred meters you will reach an information board and water fountain. This is the start of the nature walk, stay left to head  around the walk.

5. You will pass by two ponds and see several different species of birdlife, as you continue around you will come to a junction with a track leading off to the right. Continue on the left fork for a longer walk or take this right fork to shorten the loop.

6. Continuing on the left fork you will come to a second junction. Turn right to continue around the Nature Walk or turn left to join the  main Red Gum Trail just a few meters up from Bent Bridge.

7. Turning right you will continue through bushland for a couple of hundred meters and will pass  the junction with the track encountered at Step 7 (above). You will shortly complete the loop and arrive back at the information board (Step 4).

8. Retrace your steps from the information board back to the sign posted track junction with Red Gum Trail (Step 3).

9. Stay with the right fork to continue approx. 100 m back to the Information Centre.

To enhance your experience take with you a copy of the Self  Guided Heathland Trail notes, produced  by Parks Victoria.

Option 2: Red Gum Trail and Nature Walk (60 min moderate pace approx.)

1. When standing in front of the information Centre, facing the Adventure Playground. Follow the path to the right for about 150m until you arrive at the road next to car park 6.

2. Cross over the road and continue along the path for about 100m  until you reach a sign posted junction (Red Gum Trail and Nature Walk)

3. Turn right and follow the wide gravel path that is the Red Gum Trail. You will stay on this trail until you reach the far side of the park and in this time you will pass by protected Heathland and farming country on the left and a mix open Woodland, shade and water filled Wetlands on the right.

4. At the far end of the park (approx 30 min walk) you will  pass by the Governors Rd car park, toilets and water fountain. Continue following the main track as it becomes the Wetland Trail ignoring several smaller tracks that periodically lead off left into wetlands.

5. You will encounter a large 3 way track junction with a water fountain on the corner. Take the middle track which will have you pass by a fenced off structure on the left. On the right you will see some old farm machinery.

6. Take the middle track at the next 3 way junction that points you back to the main picnic area and Information Centre. You will pass over some small bridges before arriving at a large road junction.

7. Turn right to walk though a large avenue of trees all the way back to the Information Centre.

Walk Map

To view more on the map, zoom in or out, click the symbols and the walk route. To open a full screen version of the map, right-click Open Icon and open in another tab or window. The map and walk details can also be pdfdownloaded1.18 MB.

Getting There

Melways:  88 D8

Car:  Take Nepean Highway south, turning into Lower Dandenong Rd and then right turning into Braeside Park.  Or take Citylink to the S.E. Suburbs, getting off at Clayton Rd and heading south.  Turn right into Lower Dandenong Rd, then left into Braeside Park.  Be careful as there is little advance warning of the park entrance.

Car parking:  Free parking is available in 10 car parks throughout the park.  Enter via Lower Dandenong Rd to access car park 10 (information centre) or car park 6 and 7 which give closer access to the Nature Trail.

Public transport: 

Bus number 812 services Braeside Park and stops along Lower Dandenong Rd

Bus number 811 terminating at Dandenong Station stops on Lower Dandenong Rd allowing access by a short walk into the information centre.

Timetable information

Further Information

Opening Hours: Opens at 8:30am, closes at 5:00pm in winter; 6:00pm in spring and 8:00pm during daylight savings. The car park at the Governor Rd entrance closes at 4pm.

Dogs:  Dogs are not permitted in the park.

Park Maps available at the Braeside Park Information Centre

Parks Victoria:  Braeside Park

Facilities:  There are many picnic tables close to the information centre, and drinking fountains along the nature walk. and Wetlands walk. Toilets are located at the information centre and at the Governors Rd Car Park area. There is an exciting adventure playground located in front of the information centre. Rubbish bins are not provided so please take all rubbish with you.

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