Aireys Inlet Beaches and Cliff Tops

3.6/5 rating (45 votes)
  • Walk Length: 11km
  • Walk duration: 3 - 4 hours
  • Walk Grade: Medium
  • Walk Style: Circuit
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Aireys Inlet Beaches and Cliff Tops

Walk Summary

Walk Category:  Short

Getting There:  Car

Nearest Town:  Aireys Inlet, Anglesea

Walk Area:  Central Victoria

Distance from Melbourne GPO:  120 km

Mobile Phone Coverage:  Yes

Walk Details Collated:  October 2010

Walk Details Provided ByWaverley Bushwalking Club

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Getting There

Drive to Anglesea.  From Anglesea follow the Great Ocean Road towards Aireys Inlet.  About 6.5 kilometres past Point Roadknight, turn left onto the gravel road leading to the Urquhart Bluff car park. Leave cars here

Further Information

Victorian tide times

Comments (2)

  • Ray Cutajar

    Ray Cutajar

    06 April 2014 at 01:50 |
    This is a beautiful walk well worth the effort, however a few points to note.

    We reached the area below the light house near Eagle Rock about 3hrs after low tide and found it impassable as the water was at the cliff base and at least a foot deep. We turned back about 200m and climbed the steps up to the light house car park and resumed the walk from there. Aim to cross this part of the walk as close to absolute low tide as possible.

    Upon reaching Sunnymead Beach and climbing the short stepped section we found the track through this area very overgrown and difficult to distinguish from the surrounding bush. It may be better to walk along the beach and resume the track a few hundred meters further down.


  • Tania Tobias

    Tania Tobias

    10 November 2014 at 10:52 |
    I agree, Ray, a very beautiful walk and I lead it with low tide, being at midday and it was fun around the rocks. We also made it only to Airey's Inlet beach and took the stairs up towards the lighthouse. The notes definitely need amending as when we reached a few metres before Sunnymead Beach we took the foot track as directed and climbed up the not-so-rough steps to the clifftop. We were beginning to make our way along the cliff top, being careful not to walk on the private property when an unpleasant woman ordered us off her land and we were sent down the stairs to the beach where we turned left and, not far along, found a new set of stairs to the cliff-top path where it was an easy and pleasant walk back to Urquhart Bluff.
    I don't know whether you can own the clifftop but the angst of this woman, who was in no way going to be charitable enough to let us through, is not worth the grumbling that I and my group experienced.
    A worthwhile walk despite her inhospitableness.


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