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Getting More Families and Children Bushwalking

There are many benefits for getting children active and outdoors. Research has found the benefits to children from playing outdoors include improved attention spans and better eye health. 

Bushwalking as a form of active recreation improves the health and well-being of children and adults.

Bushwalking provides children with contact with nature and wildlife, adventure and exploration and exercise.

Many children growing up in urban environments lack experience and opportunities to visit and enjoy bush locations. Some parents lack the experience or confidence to take their children into the bush.

Bushwalking Victoria’s Promoting Bushwalking Project will include resources and opportunities for families and children to experience bushwalking as a safe and enjoyable activity.

Being a Child Safe Club

Bushwalking is a safe and enjoyable activity for young people; with their family, friends, school or with a bushwalking club.

Bushwalking Victoria strongly supports clubs that welcome young people on their trips through junior or family memberships, or as visitors.
We applaud clubs’ efforts to encourage the next generation of bushwalkers. Those clubs will know that having young people on trips brings with it additional responsibilities for the club; the club committee, trip leaders and all members.

In Victoria, any organisation that provides services for children (everyone under 18) is required by law to implement Child Safe Standards to protect children from harm. This includes bushwalking clubs. For further information on being a child safe organisation, click here. For child safety guidelines for bushwalking clubs, click here.

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