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Welcome to the Directory of Victorian Bushwalking Clubs affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria.

We have 62 member clubs spread across the Victoria. Clubs welcome new members and most clubs will allow visitors to join them on one to three walks as a guest. So if you want to give bushwalking a go, use our directory to search for a club in your area and go for walk. Clubs have experienced walk leaders, so you can rest assured that you can walk safely and relax and enjoy your walk. Many clubs also offer other outdoor activities in addition to bushwalking.


Browse our directory to find a club in your local area that offers the activities that meet your interests.  There are small clubs, large clubs and in-between sized clubs.  There are clubs that include in their club programme walks across Victoria, interstate and even overseas.  Clubs welcome people new to bushwalking and you are certain to find experienced members willing to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of bushwalkers.  Some of our clubs conduct training specifically for people new to bushwalking.


Croydon Walking Club
  • Size: 67
  • Activities: Base camps
    Day walks
    Overnight walks
    Social activities
  • Location: Greater Melbourne

Croydon Walking Club

Croydon Walking Club is a small (about 60 members) and friendly community based walking group in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Walks are held on Fridays starting at either 8:30am or 9:30am, and occasionally at 8.00am.  While we are less regimented than some of the larger walking clubs we are still able to offer a wide choice of walks from shorter suburban walks of up to 8 kilometres to much longer walks in the hills and bush (up to 20km), within a convenient drive from our base at Croydon Hills.

 We are safety conscious and have both GPS and Satellite Phone support for the more remote walks and arrange car pooling from the meeting point to help members get to the start of each walk.

 Visitors are very welcome to join us on up to three walks (initially on a shorter walk) and are then expected to become a member of the group.

Mitchell Bushwalking Group
  • Size: 20
  • Activities: Backpacking
    Base camps
    Day walks
    Overnight walks
    Social activities
  • Location: Central Victoria

Mitchell Bushwalking Group

The Mitchell Bushwalking Group is a program of the Broadford Comunity Centre Inc and aims to promote the pleasures of bushwalking. 

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