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First Aid Course
Bnai Brith Ramblers

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bush Track and Conservation
16 Volunteers Needed - Two Bays Walking Track
4 November 2017

Volunteers needed to work within the Howqua Feeder Tracks, Eagles Peaks and Lickhole Track

2-3 December 2017 - 9.00am


Latest news from Bushwalking Victoria

October 09, 2017

Asthma – 4 Steps of Asthma First Aid

Tis the Season – Spring – albeit a bit late! Lots of spring flowers and lots grass pollen out and about. Grass pollen season brings a seasonal increase in asthma and hay fever and also the chance of epidemic thunderstorm asthma. Epidemic thunderstorm asthma… Read More

On the Tracks Newsletter

The third issue of the Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation newsletter, On the Tracks, has been emailed to everyone on the BTAC database. You can also download it from the Bushwalking Victoria website at http://www.bushwalkingvictoria.org.au/newsletter-archive.html.

If you want to receive the BTAC newsletter or bulletins, please contact the Bushwalking Victoria Office Manager, Patsy Scales, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Volunteer Management Workshop

I attended a workshop presented by Tony Goodrow entitled Relative Impact- Volunteer Management ROI Model. (ROI is the acronym for Return on Investment.) This highlighted the need for organisations to put an economic value on the contribution of volunteers, rather than just count and report the number of hours contributed. This has implications for how BTAC might value volunteer input into our projects in the future.

You can read about volunteer ROI at http://www.betterimpact.com/roi/.

Point Nepean Quarantine Station

Bushwalking Victoria was alerted by a club member that only a short time was available to put in a submission about the appointment of the Point Leisure Group as preferred proponent for the Point Nepean Quarantine Station. Given that other groups had already submitted lengthy and comprehensive responses, we decided that ours should be short and reinforce the areas of concern already submitted by others. The process demonstrated the value of our Commercial Activities in Protected Areas Policy. Our submission will be posted on the Bushwalking Victoria website soon.

All the information about the proposed development at Point Nepean National Park is available at http://www.depi.vic.gov.au/forestry-and-land-use/visiting-parks-and-forests/point-nepean-national-park.

Shipwreck Coast Master Plan

Bushwalking Victoria received a copy the draft Shipwreck Coast Master Plan for review and consideration with an invitation to comment by 19th October. Bernard Jordan, our Field Officer for the Otway ranges, will prepare our response.

For information about the draft master plan and the consultation process, go to http://shipwreckcoastyourplan.com.au/.

Meeting with Bushwalking Victoria

As Charlie Ablitt reported in Walking and Talking with the Bushwalking Victoria Vice President, he, Chris Towers and I met with Kate Millar and Chris Rose from Parks Victoria. The aim of the meeting was to re-establish consultation and communication given the recent restructuring and changing focus of Parks Victoria. We identified some areas where exchange of information would be useful and some issues we need to work through in the future. The meeting highlighted the fact that bushwalkers have a huge pool of experience to contribute to planning future development. It also highlighted that the current tracks and facilities cannot be sustained without a significant contribution by volunteers.

Reporting Illegal Activities in the Bush

We have developed an Illegal Activity in the Bush Report Form for bushwalkers to use to report illegal activities, vandalism or rubbish dumping in the bush. It can be downloaded from the Bushwalking Victoria website at http://www.bushwalkingvictoria.org.au/forms.html, under Other.

The next meeting of the BTAC committee is on the 20 October. If you have issues that you want BTAC to address, please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Megan Major
Manager Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation Convener

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Bushwalking Victoria's advocacy efforts aim to proactively influence decisions that impact on bushwalking and bushwalkers in Victoria, by engaging with key decision makers and land managers such as Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)to ensure that bushwalking issues and opportunities are understood and considered when policies and decisions are made that impact on the bushwalking community in Victoria.

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