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May 2018. Final Master Plan for Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

The final master plan for the proposed development of the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing has been released by Parks Victoria and is available [here]. The proposed route uses much of the existing Alpine Walking Track. However, it also includes the development of a formed track from the West Kiewa River up Diamantina Spur and the building of commercial lodge accommodation ("operated huts") near the top of Diamantina Spur within the Alpine National Park.
Mount Feathertop looking along the Razorback from Mount Hotham. Photo: Peter Campbell


Bushwalking Victoria has previously advised Parks Victoria that we don't support building new lodge accommodation on Diamantina Spur as it will greatly compromise landscape values on the eastern side of Mount Feathertop and the Razorback, an area where there is currently no built infrastructure.  The wildness of Diamantina Spur is greatly appreciated by bushwalkers and backcountry skiers. This experience will be greatly impacted by building lodges and provisioning them with regular helicopter flights.

A much better alternative is for walkers to use the existing Alpine Walking Track via Cobungra Gap to Mount Hotham then access Mount Feathertop via the Razorback track and use Federation Hut and nearby campsites for an overnight stay.

You can provide feedback about the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing to the Bushwalking Victoria Board using this form.

You could also contact your local state Member of Parliament (via telephone, meeting or email) and advise them of your concerns.

For more background information on this topic, click here.

Peter Campbell
President, Bushwalking Victoria

Dec 2016. Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Excludes Recreational Bushwalkers and Impacts Landscape Values            

Parks Victoria released a Draft Master Plan for the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing before Christmas.

Bushwalking Victoria has major concerns with this proposal, including:

  • Recreational walkers must not be excluded to benefit commercial operators. The plan states that recreational walkers will not be allowed to camp "within 100m of the trail" and they must have a permit to use designated campsites.
  • Many of the luxury huts for "high yield visitors" will have major visual and environmental impact, contrary to claims in the plan.
  • Diamantina spur is a difficult bushwalking route and a pristine alpine environment. Building a formed and benched trail up it and huts on it will destroy its natural qualities and appeal.
  • Many other high quality tracks and trails across Victoria are falling into disrepair and some are closed due to lack of funding. The regional economic benefits of maintaining bushwalking tracks for visitors should be spread across Victoria rather than most funds being directed to only a few "Icon Walks".
  • Safety issues have not been considered. Parties striving to reach huts in adverse alpine weather in the Victorian Alps have met with tragedy on several occasions.

Our Media Release has more information about our concerns with the Draft Master Plan.

Please provide your feedback to Parks Victoria about the proposal. Submissions are due by Friday, 27 January 2017.

You can download a submission form from Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Master Plan and email your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Peter Campbell
President, Bushwalking Victoria
M: 0409 417 504

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