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Basically Bushwalking


Basically Bushwalking Club is a small club comprising approximately 35 members. We aim to provide two walks a month and whilst most of the walks are held on Sundays, we also have camps on weekends or long weekends.


We make use of Guide or Scout camps, caravan parks or camping venues. We also include interesting activities on our calander such as the Melbourne Open House Day and the Castlemaine - Maldon steamtrain.  Our walks vary from suburban streets, rail trails, metropolitan parks to some less well known state and national parks. Although we are a Melbourne based club, our membership stretches afield, including Geelong, the Goldfields and Philip Island. Our club consists of people generally in the 45+ age group, who all have the common interest of enjoying the bush and the pleasure of walking. Whilst our club rules do not allow for children or pets on our walks, we most certainly encourage visitors to walk with us to "give us a try".


Day Walks


Peter Whelan

9338 7228