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Bush Track & Conservation
17 Volunteers Needed - McMillans Track
25-28 January 2018 (Australia Day Weekend)

Volunteers needed to work within the Howqua Feeder Tracks, Eagles Peaks and Lickhole Track

2-3 December 2017 - 9.00am

For any back copies of our
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Planned burning may occur
in some areas of the state.
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Bushwalking Victoria has more than 70 affiliated and associated clubs representing an estimated total membership of over 8,000 walkers. Most clubs, but not all, accept members from the general community. Most clubs welcome new members.

Bushwalking clubs are an excellent source of experienced leaders and walking companions, as well as offering useful trip suggestions and advice. Clubs generally have walk programs publicised well in advance and welcome prospective members as visitors on walks. Many clubs have other outdoor activities in addition to bushwalking, such as cross country skiing, canoeing, liloing and cycling and many also have equipment available for hire.

When deciding which club to join, you may wish to consider the following factors:

  • Does the club have a restricted membership, e.g. single sex, religious group, students of a particular university, etc?
  • Some clubs are quite small, with less than 100 members, others have more than 400 members. You may find that the smaller clubs suit you better. On the other hand, larger clubs may have more activities to choose from.
  • Does the club have regular meetings where you can meet other members, discuss trips with leaders, etc?
  • Are meetings held at a location which is convenient to you?
  • Does the club do the type of walks which interest you, e.g. weekend walks in remote country?

 Use our club directory to find a club in your local area or one that meets your interests.



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Tracks & Conservation
If you’ve seen a problem, please let us know so we can etc
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new to bushwalking

New to Bushwalking
Welcome! Browse our directory to find a club in your local area that offers the activities that meet your interests.
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 Search & Rescue
Participate with searches in bush and alpine areas

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Help Out Others
No matter what your experience or level of expertise, everyone has a skill that could benefit others through volunteering.
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Current Campaigns

Bushwalking Victoria's advocacy efforts aim to proactively influence decisions that impact on bushwalking and bushwalkers in Victoria, by engaging with key decision makers and land managers such as Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)to ensure that bushwalking issues and opportunities are understood and considered when policies and decisions are made that impact on the bushwalking community in Victoria.

Below is a list of campaigns that we encourage you to join:


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