Loggers Lane (W14 2022)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  12 Km   |  Duration:  4.5 Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 3   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


Loggers Lane, as the name suggests, is one of many legacies of the logging and grazing history of the Warby Ranges. In the modern era it provides quite a popular walk with a good variety of terrain and vegetation, including wildflowers, grass trees, and great views of flood plains and the distant high country. (Picnic facilities and toilets)

The Walk in Detail

Walk over to a locked gate and, taking the "Management Vehicles Only" track, ignoring the narrow track going off to the right at about 100m. The Lane meanders around for about two kilometres, reaching an open area of flattish ground, with excellent views and many grass-trees. Continue on, take the un-marked track to the left, not long before Taylors Track, about 2.9km from the start. This leads to some amazing granite-studded country, with great views of flood plains and the high country.

This track is all single-file, and after about 1.7km joins up with Taylors Track. Turn left, quickly followed by a vague single-file track off to the right, and then, to the left, another narrow track.

This leads around the hillside, and down to some cleared land. Keep straight-ahead at this point, and follow the footpad through to Wenhams, about 800m away. There are picnic and toilet facilities here and a good place to have lunch.

The return journey involves retracing the incoming route for about 100m, veer left at a Y-junction. Continue on the meandering trail (ignore a left turn at 600m) through to a Y-junction at about 1.3km. Keep left and follow the footpad to an isolated outcrop of granite. Take the faint footpad south, then to the left, ignoring all of the side tracks. Keep following this track west to a sharp turn to the right, just in front of a cluster of grass-trees. This now leads to Taylors Track, where a left turn is required; not long after this take a narrow footpad to the right. This leads to an inverted Y-junction, keep straight-ahead. Swing right at the large tree (GPS 36/19/14 : 146/11/58.9), Meet another footpad to the left, keep right at this junction. The track now meanders around the hillside, with great views down towards Thoona getting up close to lots of grass-trees, and spur-wing wattles. Turning left at Loggers Lane, it is about 300m to the starting point.

Getting There

15 kms from Wangaratta. 15 minutes. Take Green Street (C374, Wangaratta-Yarrawonga Road) north from Wangaratta CBD. Turn left 2km on from the Wangaratta Rovers FNC onto Wangandery Road. Eleven kilometres further, there is a small car parking area just off the bitumen of Wangandery Road, where Gerritts Road heads off to the left.


Walk Precautions

Additional Information

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