CYCLE Stanley Wanderer (W25 2022)


NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  35 Km   |  Duration:  6 Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit

About the Walk


This bike ride takes a ‘wandering route’ from Beechworth to the village of Stanley and return, linking several points of interest via scenic quiet roads and laneways. Think of a bushwalk on two wheels. This ride will be on a combination of dirt forest tracks, forest gravel roads, gravel laneways and some tar road. This ride is ideally suited to gravel or mountain bikes. It is not suitable for road bikes as there are some sections of quite rocky/chunky gravel. Sturdy hybrids and e-bikes with durable tyres should be fine. We may also need to do some short sections of walking if parts of the track are too muddy to safely ride.

The Walk in Detail

Take the Pipeline Track to Lake Kerferd before continuing on to Fletchers dam, before visiting a stand of Californian Redwoods planted in 1936. 

We will make our way through Stanley, riding past numerous orchards of apples, pears, chestnuts and cherries before returning to Stanley where we’ll have lunch/snacks (BYO) at one of the parks. 

We will divert slightly as we return to Beechworth to ride past the historic Mayday Hills / Beechworth Lunatic Asylum.  If this hasn’t been long enough a day for you, the Leader will also be happy to then take anyone who wishes to stay back on an additional 8-10km (one hour?) circuit past some of Beechworth’s historic locations.

Getting There

Meet at the carpark labelled ‘Lake Sambell Playground’ on Google maps, which is on McConville Avenue in Beechworth.  This is around 40km and 35 minutes from Wangaratta.

Walk Precautions

Ascent 450m The ride is mostly gravel, Some sections are loose, quite rocky with chunky gravel.

Additional Information

North East Victoria

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