Blackwood and Shaws Lake Historic Walk

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  9 Km   |  Duration:  4 Hrs   |  Grade:  TBA   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

Best Season:  Autumn, Spring

About the Walk


This interesting walk visits many of the features in and around the historic gold mining township of Blackwood: Blackwood cemetery, churches, the pub, shops; plus the Blackwood mineral springs on the Lerderderg River and Shaws Lake.

The Walk in Detail

This walk is all on tracks with one steep climb. Start:  Footbridge at Reserve Rd, Blackwood Explore Blackwood township. Walk south-east on Reserve Rd, turn left onto Simmons Reef Rd, then right into Martin St (Greendale/Trentham Rd). After passing the Blackwood Museum turn left onto Warner St; then take the footpad on the right. Circle the Blackwood Cemetery anticlockwise, ending up on Byers Rd. Then walk north to Golden Point Rd. Distance 1.4km.   Turn right onto Golden Point Rd, left onto the road leading to the Blackwood Caravan Park and the mineral springs, and then left onto the bitumen pathway to the Mineral Springs Reserve. Distance 0.9km.   Cross the bridge to the mineral springs. Climb the steps and turn right onto Moonlight Gully Circuit Tk. Walk east beside the Lerderderg River to a track junction signposted 'Lookout'. Turn left onto this track that ascends steeply to Shaws Lake Tk. Turn right onto Shaws Lake Tk and after a short distance take the footpad on the left at the end of a fence. Head north towards Shaws Lake, then veer away, swinging right to the north-east on a footpad. On arriving at a wider track, turn right to reach Shaws Lake Tk. Distance 2km.   Turn right onto Shaws Lake Tk and walk south-west to return to the footpad at the fence mentioned previously. Turn right onto the footpad and walk towards Shaws Lake. Walk along the north and west sides of Shaws Lake to the rotunda. Distance 1.2km.   At the rotunda, turn right onto Moonlight Gully Circuit Tk and walk west to the mineral springs. Pass through the mineral springs and return to Golden Point Rd. Distance 2km.   Walk to the centre of Blackwood, turn right into Martin St, left into Grace St and right onto the Greendale/Trentham Rd. Cross the bridge and immediately on the left take the river track to the walk end point. Distance 1.9km. End:  Footbridge at Reserve Rd Blackwood  Disclaimer: All reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the route description was as accurate as possible at the time of publication. The accompanying map is general in nature and should not be relied on for navigation purposes. This park is infected with Cinnamon Fungus.  Please observe the following control measures: Be clean on entry and exit. Vehicles, tyres, machinery, footwear and camping gear should be free of soil, gravel and mud prior to entering or leaving any park, reserve or campsite (particularly in high risk areas). Don't bring soil or gravel in – and don't take any home! Where available, use boot cleaning stations and vehicle wash down bays – they are there for a reason. Remain on formed roads, tracks and pathways at all times. Moving from infected to uninfected areas can spread the pathogen - particularly during wet weather when soils are wet and sticky. Obey all track and road closure signs. Do not enter areas of vegetation that have been quarantined. For full details on the fungus and required control measures please follow link provided in Further Information below.

Getting There

Drive to Blackwood on the Western Highway via Melton and Bacchus Marsh, taking the Greendale-Myrninong Rd turn-off from the highway and follow the Greendale -Trentham Rd to Blackwood.  Click here for a map of Blackwood showing the recreation reserve.

Walk Precautions

Moonlight Gully Circuit is narrow in places with steep drop-offs. Road traffic.

Additional Information

Off road car parking at start of the walk.

Junction of Byers Rd and Golden Point Rd and at the Mineral Springs Reserve:  APV002 - Toilets


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