19 Paradise Mill Circuit (2023)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  16 Km   |  Duration:  6 Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 4   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


This circuit walk includes a visit to historic Easter Monday Mine, Paradise Mill and Fosters Lookout. It includes some long steep hills.<br /> Duration: 6.0 Hours, (including morning tea and lunch).

The Walk in Detail

Take the Easter Monday Track West for approximately 800m, when we first meet a cross intersection where we turn Left and sidle around a little. If you were going to Foster Lookout would go straight ahead at this intersection.   From this track we then turned left again (WSW), and continue along this track – passing an entrance of the Easter Monday Mine, swinging around to the Right and uphill for about 600m to the mullock heap at the rear of the mine (morning tea).   

Continue North along this track for 700 m, veering left (NW) to re-join the Easter Monday Track, then South for 400m to meet New Sultan Road.  Turn left and walk South along the road for 200m and veer left (SE) onto Blackwood Ridge Road for about 100m.         Take the track on the right and walk for a further 100m, veering right, and after an additional 100m, join the German Track.    Continue South along this track and turn Right (West) at the intersection, and after 1.6 km (West, then South), walk 900m (SW) to Paradise Road.  Turn Right, and walk West along the road for 400m, then turn Right (North) onto Paradise Track, and walk for 400m to a clearing for lunch.

After lunch, back-track to Paradise Road, and from there, walk a further 200m South to veer Left onto the continuation of Paradise Track.  Follow this track South for 600m to Nevill Track and turn left at Mt Barker Road.  Follow this road SE for 300m, then turn Left onto Pipe Track.  Walk NE for 1.2 kms to Paradise Road then veer Right and after 100m, turn left (NE) onto Swinley Track.  Continue NE along this track for 2.6 kms (ignoring several track intersections on the Right and Left) to Blackwood Ridge Road.  Turn Left and walk North for 200m to veer Right onto a track.  Follow this track North for 1.1 kms – passing the first track on the Right and turning Right (East) onto Easter Monday Track.  Fosters lookout is about 200m East along this track. From the lookout, walk East for a further 2.0 kms along the Easter Monday Track to the Start. 

Getting There

From Trentham muster point turn right onto Falls Rd, and drive 750m to the intersection of Cosmos Rd, then turn right.  Drive for 13.2 kms to Blackwood, then turn right onto Simmons Reef Rd.  After 150m veer left to stay on Simons Reef Road. After 750m veer right, then continue for a further 1.0 kms and turn left onto Simmons Reef Rd.   Continue for 600m to Garden of St Erth carpark.  Driving distance from Trentham: 16.5 kms

Walk Precautions

Two long steep hills (one at the start and another at the 10 km point). Badly eroded and rugged tracks on parts of this circuit. Poles recommended.

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