08 Wombat Trail Circuit (2023)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  15 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 3   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


This walk includes some of the streets of Trentham, the old racetrack and bushland to the south of town.

The Walk in Detail

Starting from the muster point, walk SE along Falls Rd for 200m, then continue East along Victoria Street for a further 800m, then right at Bath Street.  Follow Bath Street, cross over High Street and walk South until you come to Camp Street. Turn left at Camp Street and then right at Gamble Street. Follow Gamble Street until it hits South Street.  Turn slightly left then walk South down Gleeson Street to the end. 

Cross over Rahills Road and head straight where the trail begins.  Follow straight and then bear left (550m) before turning left again and then right for start of racetrack which is approximately 1.5 km in circumference.  Do an anti-clockwise loop and then bear right.  At T turn slightly left and stay on Jim Dunn track which keeps bearing left.  

Follow Jin Dunn Track for about 1.5 kms keeping Right (South) at the junction to continue onto Countess Track. Cross over Countess Road and continue on Countess track.  After about 200m you turn right (NW) (landmark – Big Gum tree and branch embedded in path).  After about 1.5 kms track comes out on the road. Swing back and follow the track to a large log across the path for lunch. At a further point the track will come out near the road. Swing back left and for the third time come back to Countess Road. 

Follow the Countess Road NW for 700m until it comes to Cosmos Road and follow all the way on the right side of the road, and after 1.2 km turn left into South Street, then walk along the track past the Bowling Club North then NW to High St.   Cross High St and walk to the left of the lake to Victoria St.  Turn left and walk back to the muster point.

Getting There

This walk starts and finishes at the Trentham Recreation Ground (Muster Point)

Walk Precautions

Additional Information