01 Blackwood Historic Tour (2023)

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NB. The following information was current at the time of the event

Distance:  4 Km   |  Duration:  Hrs   |  Grade:  Grade 2   |  Rating:    |  Style:  Circuit   |  Map

About the Walk


This walk visits some of the historic and interesting features in and around the town of Blackwood. Additional information on Blackwood can be obtained from the Information Stand in the Blackwood General Store.

The Walk in Detail

Starting at the cemetery, walk 100m North and turn left into Terrill St, then turn left again onto the Greendale-Trentham Rd and walk South to visit the Blackwood Museum in Warner St.  After the museum backtrack NE and veer right into Martin St, then after 400m veer right into Whalebone Rd.  Continue along this road for 400m then turn right onto the Lerderderg Track and walk South 700m to the Mineral Springs.  Cross the foot bridge over the river and turn right (East), then follow the track along the river for 1.3 km to N Blackwood Road.  Turn right onto the road and cross the bridge – following the road to Golden Point Rd, then turn Left.  Follow Golden Point Rd NW for 100m then left into Nolan St, then right into Clarendon St.  After 200m turn Left into King St, then after 100m, veer left onto a walking track.  Walk uphill along this track for 700m then turn right (NW) at the T intersection.  Aft 100m turn left, then left again, then immediately right to follow this track in a SW direction for 700m – then turn right and shortly afterwards turn Right again.  Follow this track West and NW for 800m to the main road, after 200m, veer Right onto Byres Rd to back to the cemetery.

Getting There

From Trentham muster point turn right onto Falls Rd, and drive 750m to the intersection of Cosmos Rd, then turn right.  Drive for 13.4 kms to Blackwood, then turn Left into Terrill Street, then right at Byres Road and park Near the cemetery.  Driving distance from Trentham: 16.5 kms.

Walk Precautions

Parts of the GDT trail may be overgrown. Poles are recommended.

Additional Information