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Tips for choosing Portable Power Sources

With so many gadgets and devices relying on power these days, having a portable power source is very handy to have on longer and overnight bushwalks. With all the options available such as solar, chemical, thermal and mechanical chargers, it is tricky to know what is right for you, so look before you leap!

 Questions to think about before you buy:

  • What types of devices do you want to power?
  • How much power do you need?
  • What types of bushwalks/camps do you go on most?
  • How often will you use your portable power supply?
  • Where and in what weather conditions will you be doing most of your bushwalking (remote places, extreme weather, extreme landscapes)?
  • How many people need to use the power source? 

Other considerations:

  • The type of power you need / technology used.
  • Power storage as well as charging.
  • How many charges does it provide?
  • Size and weight.
  • Durability
  • Additional features such as multiple ports, the surface area of solar panels, etc. 

Choice Magazine has a handy review of power banks for mobile phones available here. Have a look here at tips to save the battery power on main devices such as headlamps, mobile phones, and cameras. 


Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Bushwalking Mums















Have a bushwalking mama in the house? Here are 20 ideas that will inspire you and delight her:

  1.   A Canvas print of her favourite spot to look at when home.
  2.  A rugged camera that is waterproof, dust-proof, freeze-proof and crush-proof.
  3.  Relaxing and invigorating bath salt to enjoy after a bushwalk.
  4.  Mug with her favourite nature quote.
  5.  A good fiction book or DVD such as Wild.
  6.  A good bushwalking guide such as Bushwalking in Australia or a specific trial guide.
  7.  Good walking poles. 
  8.  A good hiking headlamp.
  9.  Hiking Store gift voucher for her to choose new hiking shoes, socks, water bottles or whatever she needs.
  10.  A practical daypack filled with everything she needs to just grab and go.
  11.  An adventure organised by you hiking with the family or some me-time bushwalking on her own. 
  12.  A photo book with images of all the bushwalks she has done to date.
  13.  A voucher for a pedicure and foot massage the next time she goes for a challenging walk or a home foot spa to use after walks.
  14.  Versatile and functional headwear that can be used as a hat, scarf, headband sun protection or bandana.
  15.  Fun travel games for overnight hikes.
  16.  Membership to Bushwalking Victoria or a bushwalking club in her area.
  17.  A hiking Magazine Subscription.
  18.  All weather Notepads are great for taking notes and writing down magic moments whilst on a walk.
  19.  Long folding spoon that is long enough to scrape the bottom of deep rehydrated dinner bags and easy to store together with her favourite freeze-dried meals. 
  20.  A rugged, waterproof smartphone case and portable charger. 

Enjoy finding that something special for your mum!


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