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Practical Snacks for a Short Bushwalk - Gourmet Style!


2018 02 09 Hiking Food


Now that you have consulted our list of 5 short bushwalks in Victoria with spectacular views, it is time to think about food and drinks. Here are a few foodie ideas to toss into your backpack. They are effortless, nutritious and delicious. Sometimes those special little touches just add to that spectacular view! Do remember zero waste and safety when you plan what to pack. 


Blueberry and Chia Seeds Fruit Roll-ups

With only four ingredients and four simple steps, you can delight your bushwalking companions with your culinary skills! 


No-bake Energy Bites

With chocolate, peanut butter, honey and coconut mixed with oats, flax seeds and chia seeds, what can possibly go wrong?!


Salted Caramel Bliss Balls

These delicious morsels are vegan, paleo and gluten-free. 


Meals in a Jar

How easy, delicious and transportable is this! Whether you are planning for breakfast, lunch or snacks, these ideas will have you covered!


Now what about something celebratory to drink, I hear you say ... Water is a must of course, but if you want to add some sparkle, below are some options:



Now here you have the opportunity to show off some skill! Mix up some of these, add ice, pour into flask and pack. Once you reach your beautiful view, you can show off your knowledge of the local flora and garnish your drinks with wild herbs ... but only if you know what you are doing! 


Have fun and let us know what your go-to recipes for a bushwalk with a gourmet touch.  



Blueberry Cornmeal Pancake recipe here.  



Are you a Gliker?



Fancy the idea of a bushwalk, but not the oh so practical attire? Chances are that you are a Gliker (glamorous + hiker). Here are three ways to be practical and a little bit glamorous when bushwalking:

Colourful accessories

Who said earthy colours are a must, it's not like we are trying to camouflage ourselves from predators! Wear a bright hat, scarf, gloves, belt, socks or sweatband to match your mood and style. Ladies can match this with a good SPF lipstick to protect against the sun and dryness. 

Hiking boots

Previously frowned upon in fashion circles, it has now become a fashion statement as you can see here. You do need good and comfortable shoes to navigate terrain and protect your feet, but hiking boots have come along way! They come in many materials, colours and styles, so do consult a good buying guide and go shopping.


You no longer have to look or feel like a pack donkey, there are so many sizes and styles of backpacks to choose from as you can see here.  They take load, posture, body size and many other factors into consideration, so you may end up taking your hiking backpack to work and start a new trend!

Want to do some gliking and glamping? Have a look at this guide for the best gliking destinations around the world as well as glamping spots in Victoria - you can even do an urban hike if you do not have the time to go bush.


Five Easy Bushwalks in Victoria with Spectacular Views

Enjoy Valentine's Day - Bushwalking style!

Romance is in the air with Valentine's Day around the corner, so why not pop on your hiking boots, pack a backpack filled with delicious morsels (and a  rose perhaps), and take a hike with spectacular views on the way! Here are five easy and short bushwalking hikes in beautiful areas in Victoria:

Stock Photo 1

Aireys Inlet Beaches and Clifftops (11km)

Drive to Anglesea and follow the Great Ocean Road towards Aireys Inlet. Make sure to time your walk with low tide.  The walk goes along the beach to Split Point near Airey's Inlet, then returns via the clifftops to the start point.

The beaches and rock shelves between Urquhart Bluff and Split Point Lighthouse provide excellent walking and wonderful views at low tide. Rock formations, colourful cliffs, coastal views from water level, clifftop panoramas, rock pools and coastal heathland provide contrast and variety along this very scenic section of coastline.

Dickson's Falls Mount Buffalo National Park (4km)

A short but delightful nature walk along Dickson's Creek to the falls with a spectacular view over Buckland Valley. The sub-alpine plant communities and masses of wildflowers are a highlight in late summer.

East-West Walk - You Yangs Regional Park (3-7km)

A hike for great views over the volcanic plains! This circuit walk explores the slopes of Flinders Peak in You Yangs Regional Park. The undulating track includes some short steep sections as it weaves its way around and between granite boulders. 

Eaton's Cutting - OT Dam - Seawinds - Arthurs Seat State Park (10km)

A pleasant walk through natural bushland with views over the Westernport and Port Phillip Bays, a secluded dam in a hidden valley and vineyards.

Wallace Heritage Trail, Falls Creek Alpine National Park (6.5km)

Enjoy a walk through the alpine meadows and visit the Wallace and Cope Huts with views across the National Park at several places.  It's an easy walk with a lot of history.

If you feel like longer and more challenging walks with spectacular views, click here for more ideas. Perhaps it's a good test of character if you have a long-term relationship in mind :) 

If you would like to join a bushwalking club in your area for guided group walks and other activites, contact us and we'll make recommendations to you depending on your needs.

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