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YHA Bushwalking Club
  • Activities: Backpacking
    Base camps
    Day walks
    Overnight walks
    Social activities
  • Extras: Family Friendly

YHA Bushwalking Club

The YHA Bushwalking club has been in existence since 1939 and is a foundation member of the Federation of Victorian Bushwalking Clubs (Bushwalking Victoria). The club is made up of a healthy bunch of people who enjoy getting out into the bush to walk with a sociable group of like minded people. To cater for all  members they run a wide range of bushwalks including relaxing Social Walks, Day Walks and Weekend overnight trips which can be Accommodated, Base-Camps or Pack-Carry Walks. As you can see YHA is very versatile, with something for everyone no matter what your fitness level or interest in bushwalking. 

The club is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is one of a number of local activity groups affiliated with YHA Australia.

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