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Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA)
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Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA)

The Victorian National Parks Association has been at the forefront of nature conservation campaigns for more than 65 years, with outstanding results.

They ran theirfirst excursion in 1954 (to Wilsons Promontory National Park) and today have an extensive program of up to 200 bushwalking and activities each year, the largest of any bushwalking group in Victoria. The East Gippsland Forest Camp held every Easter is one such activity that brings people closer to nature and increases their appreciation and support for conservation.

  • Activities: Day walks
    Overnight walks
  • Extras: Family Friendly

Victorian Rogaining Association

Rogaining is a sport for 2-99 year olds who enjoy the challenge of being outdoors. Whether you want to run, walk, picnic or simply camp at one of our overnight events, Victorian Rogaining Associaiton would love to see you.

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