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La Trobe University Mountaineering Club

Membership of the La Trobe University Mountaineering Club (LUMC) is open to anyone who supports the purposes of the club (see below), though the majority of members are either students, staff or alumni of the university. A limited number of memberships are available for non-university affiliated people as the club is required to retain a high % of members which are university community - Priority for non-university affiliated people will be those who contribute substantially to the club The annual membership fee for LaTrobe Students is $30 a year which is valid for the full membership year 1 Feb 2018- 31 Jan 2019. A slightly discounted pro-rata membership is available and will be available online from July. If you apply for membership and are not yet 18, your membership application will be placed on hold until you turn 18. Unfortunately you cannot attend club events whilst your membership application is on hold. The key feature of joining LUMC is participating in the activity of your interest. Such participation is normally on a club trip, sometimes these are single day trips, a week, even month long club trips occur occasionally. Enthusiastic members are encouraged to ask questions and gain the necessary skills to run their own trips. Discounts available to LUMC members Becoming a member of LUMC also means you are covered under La Trobe University's Sports Centre's accident insurance, on all club trips. https://skin.onilacare.com/

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