With Christmas around the corner, and online shopping shipping cut-off dates rearing closer, it’s time to start shopping! Whether it be gifts you can find instore, or gifts you can buy online (sitting on the couch with a nice wine), we’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of the best kind of outdoor gifts (all from the wonderful Kathmandu) for anyone who loves bushwalking, backpacking and camping.

1. Coffee Plunger Mug $30

Ideal for keeping your coffee hot and fresh whilst on the go. Keeps your freshly-plunged coffee piping hot and prevents spills on the go.

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2. Emergency v3 Blanket $5

Single sheet, designed for emergency single use. Use as an emergency sheet or reflector.

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3. Waterproof Playing Cards with Outdoor Tips $5

Next time you're out on the trail or camping by the lake, you'll find these waterproof playing cards are the perfect choice for ongoing fun. Waterproof and durable, they'll shuffle and split time and time again without deteriorating or sticking together. Making it that much easier to slip an ace up your sleeve next time the stakes are high.

2017 12 14 3

4. Travel Clothes Line $7.50

An ideal solution for travellers who need to wash and dry clothes on the move. Designed to be highly versatile with hook and suction cup attachments.

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5. Foam mat 8mm $11

Perfect for camping and hiking, the 8mm thick, foam mat is your lightweight option for a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors

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6. Retreat Chair $54

The Retreat Chair gives you, portable, comfortable seating wherever you need it. The solid armrests on this sturdy folding chair give you something to push against, making it easy to get in and out of. Take it with you on outings to the beach or use at home for extra seating when entertaining on the deck.

2017 12 14 6

7. Fizan Trek Pole $40

The Fizan Trek is an all-terrain lightweight and adjustable aluminium pole that can also be used in the snow.

2017 12 14 7

8. Travel Hammock $60

A lightweight hammock that sets up in seconds, This Portable Hammock is perfect for camping or hiking or relaxing at the beach or in the back country. No fancy knot-tying required – our adjustable trunk straps attach to the nylon hammock with carabiners. When it's time to move on, the single hammock packs into its own pocket – a tiny package of relaxation that goes where you go.

2017 12 14 8

9. Hike 5 Piece Pot Set - Graphite $60

The Hike 5 Piece Pot Set is designed for hikers and campers. Made from lightweight aluminium with a hard anodised surface, the set includes large and small pots, a fry pan, and a universal pot gripper, which makes it easy to handle hot pots straight out of the campfire. All pieces nest inside each other for easy carrying.

2017 12 14 9

10. Raven 200 Head Torch $60

The compact Raven 200 Head Torch is the perfect light for your outdoor adventures. The simple, compact design puts the batteries in the front for a more fuss-free and comfortable fit. With a powerful 200 lumens of output, increased runtime and red LEDs, this head torch is versatile enough for any adventure where you need big light in a small package.

2017 12 14 10

11. Navigator Down Sleeping Bag $324

The Navigator Down Sleeping Bag is Kathmandu’s warmest semi-rectangular down sleeping bag, designed for multi-day backpacking, hiking and camping in colder climates. This lightweight sleeping bag has down’s natural warmth and insulation, and is extremely compressible to optimise pack space. It has comfort and high performance – with a soft, breathable lining that invites sleep and relaxation.

2017 12 14 14

We hope this has helped you get some ideas for your loved ones. Just a friendly reminder, although these products can be purchased online (as well as in store), please be sure to call your local store to find out their shipping cut off dates to ensure they are received before Christmas.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and Happy walking!

Source: Kathmandu, The Cleverhiker.



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