BTAC - Volunteers Needed

Wilsons Prom - 21 to 25 April.  Read more... 

Extended Navigation Training

A day of practical navigation to enhance your skills. Read more ...

Grampians Peak Trail

Excitement in the Grampians is building, as construction on the northern and southern sections of the Peaks Trail gets underway.
Parks Victoria is working with hikers to plan the most scenic walks through the area. Watch this video

Deer Hunting on Snake Island

The Victorian Government announced recently that it would allow a trial to hunt hog deer on the island for a two year period. Bushwalking Victoria has a number of concerns reagrding this proposal. Read more ...
Replacement of Toilet Block - Ritchie's Hut
Parks Victoria are currently in the process of replacing the existing toilet at Ritchie's hut.

The works are scheduled between February and April 2017.

There may be no toilet available for use between this period as the old toilet will be decommissioned. Please ensure you walk at least 100 metres from the river or any water way, dig a hole and bury your waste and toilet paper very carefully.

If you have any queries, please contact Parks Victoria, Mansfield on 13 1963.

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Very Easy

Very easy walks are 5 - 8km in length, on formed tracks through level or gently undulating terrain. Typically 8km would take 2 – 3 hours walking at a relaxed pace.  These walks should also be suitable for active children.

The walk grades on the where2walk directory are provided as a guide only.  A range of individual factors can affect the actual grade such as size and mix of party, individual fitness and experience levels, weather conditions.

  • 3.7/5 rating (7 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 3 - 6 km
  • Walk duration: 1 - 2 hours

Bright Canyon Walk

This is a delightful walk along the Ovens River, and is all the more remarkable because it is virtually in the centre of Bright.

Bundoora Park
  • 2.8/5 rating (24 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 6.2 km
  • Walk duration: 2 hours

Bundoora Park

The Darebin City Council describes this park as 'Melbourne's most diverse park'.  The park features natural habitat, a golf course, many picnic areas and a tourist attraction known as Cooper's Settlement.  The walk is a little more challenging in parts, involving some walking on uneven and uphill paths.  There are optional walks to extend the distance for those who want a longer walk.

  • 3.3/5 rating (4 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 6 km
  • Walk duration: 2.5 hours

Cherry Walk

This is a delightful amble along the Ovens River virtually in the town of Bright. The name of the walk comes from the Cherry family which lost six children to diphtheria in an epidemic in 1871.

  • 3.5/5 rating (4 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 4 km
  • Walk duration: 1.5 hours

Dickson's Falls
Mount Buffalo National Park

This walk starts on the east side of the road opposite Cresta Valley ski area. Subalpine plant communities and masses of wildflowers are a highlight in late summer.

This is a short but delightful nature walk along Dickson's Creek to the falls where there is a spectacular view over Buckland Valley. 60m climb and descent. Retrace route to the start of the walk.

  • 4.2/5 rating (9 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 1.5 km
  • Walk duration: 30 - 45 mins

Distillery Creek Nature Trail
Great Otway National Park

The Nature Trail follows a circuit through gently rolling woodlands back to the picnic area. There are information boards along the walk explaining the natural history of the area.  Can be combined with the Ironbark Gorge Walk (4.5km) follows a circuit through the gorge and back to the picnic area.

Grants Picnic Ground Walks
  • 3.2/5 rating (13 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Pusher/Wheelchair Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 0.5 - 2.5 km each
  • Walk duration: 20 - 45 mins each

Grants Picnic Ground Walks
Dandenong Ranges National Park

Grants Picnic Ground is located in Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, 41km east of Melbourne.  There are magnificent Mountain Ash trees, cool moist tree fern gullies, and lots of colourful rosellas, galahs, cockatoos and possibly a lyrebird.

There are four short walks that all start from the Visitor Centre, and are all beautiful.

Kororoit Creek
  • 4.0/5 rating (2 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Gentle Pusher/Wheelchair Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 7 km
  • Walk duration: 2.5 hours

Kororoit Creek

A well-defined, sealed trail along the valley of Kororoit Creek which contains mini-rapids, large waterholes and basalt cliffs.   Spring is the best season for this walk, which goes through many areas replanted by community volunteers and Melbourne Water.  The walk starts and finishes with short bus trips to and from Sunshine Station.

La-Ne-Jeering Walk
  • 2.7/5 rating (3 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 1.8 km
  • Walk duration: 30 mins

La-Ne-Jeering Walk
Langi Ghiran State Park

A short walk to an aboriginal art site which is unique to this area. To the Djab Wurrung people, this area is a sacred site.  Please treat it with respect.

  • 2.8/5 rating (6 votes)
  • Walk Type: Short
  • Walk Grade: Very Easy
  • Walk Length: 8 km
  • Walk duration: 2.5 hours

Mt Blackwood - Lohs Lane
Lerderderg State Park

This walk includes some of the delights of Lerderderg, but with none of the steep climbs. Highlights are the extensive views to Melbourne, the You Yangs, surrounding farmland and into the gorge from Mt Blackwood; old growth manna gums; wildflowers; and picturesque old farm buildings/equipment.  Bring your camera.